360Learning challenges businesses to turn in-house experts into growth drivers

  • New campaign calls for rejection of old top-down learning and development in favor of collaborative education of entrepreneurs
  • As companies spend billions on retraining workers in the wake of the epidemic and the Great Reintegration, platforms like 360Learning are proposing a fundamental shift from inside to enhancing skills with collaborative learning.
  • The brand new video for the promotion was created by award-winning creative agency Sandwich and American filmmaker Seth Worley, showing how education makes people happier and more focused at work.

New York, Paris and London, April 14: 360Learning, the global collaborative learning SaaS leader, is launching its #UpskillFromWithin campaign today to challenge entrepreneurs to recognize and collaborate on talent within their own ranks.

As industries are rapidly evolving and many businesses around the world continue to suffer as a result of The Great Regeneration, companies are spending billions upon billions to retrain their workforce through traditional, top-down and off-the-shelf initiatives.

But the goal of the #UpskillfromWithin campaign is to show businesses that the secret to high growth comes from within, especially downward, through peer-driven learning and development courses.

While traditional corporate education often sees spending too much money on outside consultants who work on generic antique templates for re-learning, the #UpskillfromWithin campaign highlights how bespoke peer-to-peer collaborative learning empowers people. . Additionally, by giving employees the technology to create and improve courses, they are more likely to invest in the business and feel invested in it – which leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction.

The #UpskillfromWithin campaign also showcases the benefits of platforms like 360Learning that encourage quick learning between teams, Effective, and relevant training that helps employees become more productive and effective in the workplace.

Transferring the workforce to a growth mentality

By encouraging companies to empower their employees through effective skills training, businesses can shift their workforce to a growth mindset and enable their employees to develop the skills needed to meet today’s challenges. Instead of a rigorous re-learning plan, decades-long career paths and an ever-outdated skills matrix that takes years and millions of dollars to implement, the 360Learning platform enables students to build their own skills, create courses in 17 minutes and share knowledge everywhere. Business.

In addition to the campaign, the collaborative learning platform is launching a brand new video made with award-winning creative company Sandwich and US film director Seth Worley. Sandwich and Worley’s unique and humane approach to brand videos is briefly aligned with Peer-First’s description of 360Learning. The results video shows how education makes people happier and more focused in the workplace and by using more collaborative learning platforms, businesses can unlock sparks in their employees.

The new campaign follows in the footsteps of the recent success of 360Learning, which counts more than 1,700 subscribers worldwide, including LVMH, Aircall, Toyota and Appen, who have created more than 3 million courses ranging from onboard employee onboarding and software training. Salesmanship, leadership training and soft skills. The company recently completed the first acquisition of the UK’s top-rated and top-rated Learning Management System (LMS) loop to usher in a new era of collaborative learning.

Says Nick Hernandez, founder and CEO of 360Learning: “As the shockwave of The Great Regression is being felt and many industries are having to adapt to a new general post-epidemic, we have seen many businesses shake up their workers for re-skills. Today we challenge their #UpskillfromWithin by eliminating the old, top-down and prescriptive corporate education models of their past and choosing collaborative education instead. By placing a learning and development position at the center of the company and providing employees with the effortless learning and learning technology from each other, any business can become a high-growth business in a short period of time. “

JP Boles, VP of Sandwich Creative: “360Learning is about collaborative learning, helping companies tap into knowledge that already exists in your team. And while working on this project we have actually been able to feel the power of collaborative learning. We realized that we all had our own stories about the workplace that had a top-down sort of approach and how tragic it was. By sharing those real-life experiences, we were able to create a video that seemed relevant and fun and entertaining. “

The end

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About 360Learning:
360Learning enables education and development teams to drive culture and growth through collaborative learning. Our learning platform combines collaborative tools with the power of an LMS, enabling high-growth firms to unlock learning based on collective skills rather than top-down knowledge. 360Learning is the easiest way to onboard new employees, train customer-oriented teams, and develop professional skills – all in one place. To learn more, visit www.360learning.com

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