70% of marketers embrace technology for post-epidemic success, but lack the necessity

  • The new Clevertouch marketing survey reveals that marketers are overwhelmed by the marketing technology at their disposal.
  • 40% of marketing technology is not used, and yet marketers are still buying more.
  • There is a majority push towards the integration of existing technology.
  • Only 10% of organizations are leading skills development and organizational design.

Hampshire, United Kingdom; 11 April 2022: Clevertouch Marketing, Europe’s leading marketing technology consultancy and service provider, released its latest survey results in its latest report, The State of Martech 2022.

In partnership with the University of Southampton Business School (SBS), one of the world’s top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings 2022), CleverTouch surveyed senior marketers across North America, Europe and the United Kingdom to create an image of the current situation. Marketing technology landscape.

Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp

Key research shows that with the real desire to go digital, budgets are being released for most marketing departments. However, 40% of technology is still unused because three-quarters of marketers admit that they do not have the technological capabilities to achieve digital ambitions. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Adam Sharp, CEO of Clevertouch, commented: “What strikes me as interesting is the level of unused, unneeded Martek that exists today and is still the focus of most marketing companies to acquire more Martek. CMOs are adding instead of simplifying their burden and the vast majority are almost completely ignoring the education and design of the organization. So if you are a CMO who is considering fighting for talent, skills development, adoption metrics and company design, you have done well, you are a rare breed. ”

The Martech State also works to launch the Martech Success Framework, a new approach to managing organizational change. Clevertouch’s Director of Consultancy, Jamie Barrell, further explains: “Clevertouch’s Martech Success Framework provides marketers with a way to effectively bring about change across the organization. It ignores marketing technology projects, considering all aspects of change, including organizational design and development, to ensure long-term success, widespread adoption and ultimately ROI. “

CleverTouch’s 2020/1 report highlights that only 30% of marketers have integrated technology with their marketing strategies, this year’s survey reveals further progress.

You can download the report on the Clevertouch website here: https://clever-touch.com/pre-order-state-of-martech-2022


About Clevertouch Marketing:
CleverTouch Marketing is Europe’s leading Martek software and service provider, B2B Marketing Consulting Partner of the Year, a recognized 3-star best company for outstanding employee employment, and one of the Sunday Times’ top 100 companies to work on in the last three. Ongoing year.

Created by marketers with Martek in mind, Clevertouch aims to help clients understand their martech investments and prove ROI. Clevertouch pioneered the concept of ‘The Martech Spine’, primarily based on marketing automation and the marketing cloud platform.

Clevertouch has supported more than 500 Blue Chip and aspiring clients, including Aveva, Atos, Fujitsu and Shell, on their Martek voyage, the only Marketo Platinum partner in Europe, Salesforce Silver Partner and Seismic’s first strategic partner in EMEA.

For more information, please see https://clever-touch.com/.

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