Beauty brand Dangles NFT, like the newly discovered Jewels

| Warning of shiny objects

YSL Beauty is immersing her manicured toes in Web3 technology. Stefan Bezi, CEO of YSL Beauty, says, “To us, web3 holds the promise of intense experiences, where artistic renaissance and real emotion clash.”

Intense experience and the emotion of conflict? Sounds like a failed commune since the 1960s.

Brand new NFTs can be claimed within the YSL Beauty Wallet app, powered by Arianee, to make web3 accessible to everyone, crypto native or novice. Learn more at, a token-gated page that will become the hub of the YSL Beauté web3 journey.

Is this something that will help Legacy Fashion House build its 21st brand? Would fashionistas want to show off as a luxury pixel dust collector? Will NFT collection soon become commonplace? Or is this another tech sideshow complete with sad clowns and loud barking and swallowing swords?

Another POV: Web 3 is going very well

Molly White is a software developer and publisher at Harvard Business Review His thoughts have recently been highlighted in a smart Q + A.

Once crypto started to be marketed as something that everyone should be involved with, and once projects started trying to bring more broad, more mainstream audiences – often people who don’t understand technology or financial risks – I became very concerned.

I’ve seen a lot of crypto and web 3 projects go terribly wrong: people are coming up with incredibly bad-thinking project ideas, and people and companies alike are losing a lot of money for scams, hacks and user bugs.

He added that crypto is a solution in search of an answer. I appreciate her POV and her grounded, common sense pushback. At the same time, I understand that brand managers need to push for cutting-edge and recognize their company as a modern brand.

The question I ask is the relevance of the main goal and purpose of the brand. YSL Beauty wants to “make Web 3 accessible to everyone”, but why? Why are they sure everyone wants it? I may have given wrong information, but it seems to me that many people do not know what web3 is or why it is important.

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