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This promotional campaign for a can of potato chips is Bonkers

A non-player character (NPC) is a video game character controlled by the game Artificial intelligence Rather by a gamer. The Train Sim World game has a myriad of such characters and is now working with Pringles Dovetail Games and Xbox to launch a new NPC that will serve as a Pringles vending machine re-filler.

The idea features a promotional twist. The vending machine re-filler NPC will be based on a real person who will win the #PringlesStayInTheGame contest.

To support the launch, Gray London has made a series of short films (all very well written) showing existing NPCs in Train Sim World that a man is less than happy to be an NPC in their game and pay. For.


Those interested in applying are invited to post a video or selfie with Pringles on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to explain under 50 words why they would be the best Pringles Vending Machine Refiller NPC. To enter the contest, the post must have the hashtag #PringlesStayInTheGame and tag @Pringles_UK.


Applications for the position will close on July 6, 2022. All posts must be made public in order to be accessible. There is also a cash prize of £ 20,000 to grab.


Successful applicants will be virtually reproduced similar to them and 3D modeled, so they will appear on Train Sim World as their own from this September.

Laura Jordan Bambach, president and chief creative officer at Gray London, said: It's a specialty to work with a client who says yes to this unsettling idea! ”

Created in collaboration with Dovetel Games and Xbox, the new campaign aims to give Pringles an inspiring, believable and authentic role at the very center of modern gaming culture - an ambition consistent with its larger goals. All social events.

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What marketers need to know

On July 1, 2023, Google is ending Google Analytics. Referred to as Universal Analytics (UA), Google Analytics Has been a tracking tool for online stores and PPC performance since 2005. If you use the Universal Analytics 360 property, you will have until October 1, 2023.

Despite its many add-ons, updates and improvements since its launch, Google Analytics has become obsolete. Instead, Google will replace it with a new generation Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which is much more capable of tracking and measuring cross-channel behavior.

How? GA4 is designed to measure data across websites and apps and will provide better insights to ecommerce marketers.

So what does this mean for ecommerce brands and marketers, and what do online stores need to do to ensure they are ready ahead of time for change?

This post answers these and other essential questions about Google's decision to Universal Analytics Sunset and what online retailers should do. Including:

  1. Why is Universal Analysis Becoming Obsolete?
  2. What is Google Analytics 4?
  3. Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4
  4. GA4 Schedule: How will change happen?
  5. What should ecommerce marketers do before July 2023?

Let's get started.

1. Why is public analysis becoming obsolete?

Universal Analytics (UA) has been around since 2012, offering a new and improved version of Google Analytics in 2012, and it has been the default ever since.

The UA was cemented at a time when online measurement relied on desktop and independent session tracking. In addition, at the time of its conception, the landscape of privacy preferences was much different than it is today.

Google's new Analytics 4 is designed to improve privacy, relying heavily on cookies for third-party tracking, and as Google implements various privacy control upgrades. Or, in Google's own language:

"Universal Analytics was created for a generation of online measurements that were anchored on the desktop web, more easily observable data from independent sessions and cookies ৷ these measurement methods are rapidly becoming obsolete."

Am I using Universal Analytics?

Launched in October 2020, Google Analytics 4 has been around for almost two years now and is already the default property. So, most likely if you created an analytics account before October 2020, you are still using the Universal Analytics property.

So how do you check any analysis Property type What are you using? Follow these steps:

  1. Open your analytics account
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the property name
  3. Check the property ID number

The Google Analytics property ID is used by Google Analytics to collect identifiers and data associated with your account. If the number starts with UA and ends with a number, then that property is using Universal Analytics.

How to check analytics property type

2. What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 was first launched by Google in late 2020 and is now the latest version of Google Analytics. Designed for multi-platform tracking, it offers better connectivity to off- and online engagement and is built for better customer experience and privacy.

Google Analytics history timeline

Unlike previous generations, GA4 does not rely solely on cookies. Instead, it uses peer-based data modeling for more customer-centric measurements, giving more control over data collection and use.

Google Analytics 4 offers ecommerce marketers:

  • Easy integration with other Google products
  • Extended data-driven attribution
  • Better insights across different touchpoints
  • Built-in predictive user behavior driven by insight machine learning

3. Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is not just a new generation UA ​​upgrade. This is a completely new tool that has been created differently from the foundation. Its primary focus was to be able to keep pace with changing privacy and reporting requirements.

Here are some of the most important differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4:

  1. Privacy. Unlike UA, GA4 does not rely on cookies, making GA4 more privacy-friendly. In addition, the default in Google Analytics 4 is to anonymize users' IP addresses by default.
  2. Cross-device insights. GA4 is specifically designed to deal with the much more complex customer journey that goes from the website to the app.
  3. Events and sessions. G4A takes more than page views into account. Although UA is session-based, GA4 is event-based, video play, button clicks and more to track the next event.
  4. Machine learning. GA4 is built around Machine learning and automation technology, Enables it to predict and share more detailed insights This allows it to provide data modeling, closing data gaps.
  5. Structure. GA4 removes data views and filters instead of including filters for better reporting. Here's a walkthrough of the Google Analytics 4 user interface for a more in-depth look:

Summary of the differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

    Differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

4. GA4 Schedule: How will change happen?

Now that we know why Google is shutting down Universal Analytics and why Google Analytics 4 is a great tracking tool for ecommerce marketing today, let’s see how Google is going to make this happen.

  1. If you use the Universal Analytics property, data collection will continue until July 1, 2023
  2. From July 1, Google Analytics 4 will be the default analytics tool
  3. After July 1, for at least six months, marketers will still be able to access previously processed data
  4. For large online retailers using Google Analytics 360, you will have until October 1, 2023, before the default change from UA to GA4

5. What should ecommerce marketers do before July 2023?

So, what should ecommerce marketers do before the change? The first thing you should do

Check if you are using Universal Analytics for any of your properties and back up your UA data.

Then, if you still use Universal Analytics, you need to:

  1. Switch to GA4 as soon as possible. To do this, you will want to set up a GA4 property with your existing UA property. However, you should follow it Google Guide And use GA4 setup support to make sure you're doing it right.
  2. Export report. While UA data will be acceptable for at least six months after the change, you'll want to export individual reports and BigQuery and set yourself up to use the Google Analytics Reporting API as soon as possible.
  3. Update Google ad tracking. After that, you need to update your Google Ad Tracking. It probably has your conversion tracking set up. So you need to import GA4 conversions into Google ads and delete any UA targets.

How to switch to Google Analytics 4

Here's more details on how to properly switch to Google Analytics.

How to switch to Google Analytics 4

Final Thought: Google Analytics 4 is coming. What are you ready

Here's what you need to know about Google's transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. There is no doubt that the new analysis property is much more suitable for today’s cross-channel buyers and will provide better insights while improving privacy.

And if Google Analytics 4 offers better tracking, why wait? If you’re still in the UA, it’s best to start moving as soon as possible so that you are not only ready for the change, but also enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later.

Have questions? Post in the comments below - our analytics experts are here to help.

Mushon Henish

Mushon Store is the head of year media. He is a PPC expert specializing in Facebook, Google, and Instagram ecommerce campaigns.



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The new film agency asks the right questions about the business

The current and future state of the ad agency business is the subject of a new documentary Together, Kill your darling. The film is narrated by Anuk Johns, a creative director from Germany who is looking for answers, positive change and a bright future for everyone who loves themselves and the business of creativity. His quest led him to meet with industry luminaries such as Anselmo Ramos, Greg Han, MoSide, Rob Reilly, Fernando Machado, Germany Lancaster, Karin Onsager-Birch, Plus Cindy Gallup, and others.


In the middle the picture takes an interesting turn. Jans meets David Sable, former global CEO of Y&R, and provides the necessary humor and perspective that was missing until then.

"Ever since I started, I've heard nothing but this: 'Oh my God, the agency world is changing,'" Sabal said.

"It could be any company. Go and tell the client that their model is not working," said Sabal.

I enjoyed exchanging lives with Mo Said, the founder of Mojo Super Market.

"Almost every month we have a four-day weekend. We don't work on holidays. There is a lot of project management and account management that goes to make sure this happens because no one at other agencies confirms it," he said. "There is a small line where you can be treated like a slave or you can be treated like an artist."

The film takes you from difficult issues like industry burnout and stale business models to higher ground, where creative people in healthy teams can make big things happen to good people. I have my own struggles with the agency business, but I still believe in this core principle. I still believe in the power of creativity to drive and relocate companies and sometimes even to heal people.

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The song Happy Greetings tells voters to kill “Republicans in name only.”

In a new campaign video, Eric Greatens, a former Missouri governor who is now running for the U.S. Senate, tells Missouri voters, "Get Rhino hunting permits. There are no bagging limits, no tagging limits, and it won't expire until we protect our country." . "

That's right, he wants to kill people in his own party who are not ideologically pure, people who have perished because of their blind allegiance to the great leader, who is everything.


Grittens was elected governor of Missouri in 2016, but he resigned less than two years after allegations of sexual harassment and blackmailing a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair.

GOP radicals are ready to eat their own

Hours after former Missouri Governor Eric Greatens released a video of himself targeting members of the Republican Party whom he does not consider conservative enough, the Republican floor leader of the Missouri state Senate said he had contacted law enforcement.

"There's violence in the future, I'm going to tell you," Adam Kinzinger, a U.S. representative from Illinois, told ABC News. "And unless we find a way to tell people the truth, we can't expect anything different." Kinzinger has received death threats. He recently said Shared one on Twitter which was addressed to his wife. In it, Parp threatens to kill his entire family.

According to Wapo The editorial board said, "GOP leaders have refused to confront and condemn bigoted MAGA supporters, instead empowering and encouraging them. So it's no surprise that the use of violent, offensive rhetoric in Republican circles continues to grow. "

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Beauty brand Dangles NFT, like the newly discovered Jewels

| Warning of shiny objects

YSL Beauty is immersing her manicured toes in Web3 technology. Stefan Bezi, CEO of YSL Beauty, says, "To us, web3 holds the promise of intense experiences, where artistic renaissance and real emotion clash."

Intense experience and the emotion of conflict? Sounds like a failed commune since the 1960s.


Brand new NFTs can be claimed within the YSL Beauty Wallet app, powered by Arianee, to make web3 accessible to everyone, crypto native or novice. Learn more at, a token-gated page that will become the hub of the YSL Beauté web3 journey.

Is this something that will help Legacy Fashion House build its 21st brand? Would fashionistas want to show off as a luxury pixel dust collector? Will NFT collection soon become commonplace? Or is this another tech sideshow complete with sad clowns and loud barking and swallowing swords?

Another POV: Web 3 is going very well

Molly White is a software developer and publisher at Harvard Business Review His thoughts have recently been highlighted in a smart Q + A.

Once crypto started to be marketed as something that everyone should be involved with, and once projects started trying to bring more broad, more mainstream audiences - often people who don't understand technology or financial risks - I became very concerned.

I've seen a lot of crypto and web 3 projects go terribly wrong: people are coming up with incredibly bad-thinking project ideas, and people and companies alike are losing a lot of money for scams, hacks and user bugs.

He added that crypto is a solution in search of an answer. I appreciate her POV and her grounded, common sense pushback. At the same time, I understand that brand managers need to push for cutting-edge and recognize their company as a modern brand.

The question I ask is the relevance of the main goal and purpose of the brand. YSL Beauty wants to "make Web 3 accessible to everyone", but why? Why are they sure everyone wants it? I may have given wrong information, but it seems to me that many people do not know what web3 is or why it is important.

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No slavery. There is no hope. – Adpalp

Slaver Y. The very word cools. In addition to genocide, slavery is one of the two main sins and a bloody stain on the history of the United States.

There are people who “don’t listen to evil” who don’t want to hear about it and who don’t see how important it is today. Fortunately, we have a campaign in front of us that connects the points and helps address the racial injustices of the century and the need for prison reform now.

EP + Co's new advocacy campaign is in support of the nonprofit Worth Rises and their drive to end exceptions.

The 13th Amendment, passed in 1865, contains an exceptional clause that has been understood throughout history to allow slavery and involuntary slavery to be used as a punishment for crime, encouraging criminalization, captivity, and re-slavery of blacks.

Wants to see grassroots movement Extinction Amendment - Introduced by Senator Jeff Markle (OR) and Representative Nikema Williams (GA-05) - Become law. If the law is passed, the exception clause of the 13th Amendment will eventually be repealed.

Increase the importance of Juntinth

Although more than 20 states are currently organizing to abolish slavery in their state constitutions, 83% of Americans are unaware that the 13th Amendment legalizes the enslavement of captives in the United States, with a goal to close the gap between EP + Co and Worth Rises.

"When the advertising agencies support the work of activists, something magical happens," said Chris Platting, EP + Co's chief strategy officer.


Campaign roll-out

  • June 19 (Juntinth): The LA Times Will run a print ad

  • June 15-20: DC Digital Transit advertising will run

  • June 15: OOH Billboards Raised in Galveston, TX, and Savannah, GA

Bianca Tylek, executive director of Worth Rises, said: "This is the time for advertising agencies to re-evaluate the brands and projects that support them, ignore them or even promote our social failures to promote social good. We are incredibly grateful to EP & Co for doing this - donating expensive staff hours to our campaign to abolish slavery for all. We hope other advertising agencies will follow their lead and dive into this fight. ”

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90% of marketers prioritize technology over everything else, still about half

  • More than 30% of marketers have already adopted simplification technology, and Clevertouch's simplification software Momentum can get marketers up and cross-platform in 30 minutes.
  • Technology transfers are on the rise, and new updates from Momentum offer BAU services during any change process.

Hampshire, United Kingdom; 14th June 2022: Clevertouch Marketing, Europe's leading marketing technology consultancy and service provider, today launched a new Momentum feature to provide marketers with an uninterrupted user experience across multiple marketing technology platforms. The new capability was created in light of the results of its latest State of the Martek Report 2022.

In partnership with the University of Southampton Business School (SBS), one of the world's top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings 2022), CleverTouch surveyed senior marketers across North America, Europe and the United Kingdom to create an image of the current situation. Marketing technology landscape.



The key findings in the 2022 report show a distinction between marketers adopting marketing technology solutions and the technical skills needed to make effective use of those Martek platforms. 90% of marketers prefer technology, despite the increasing adoption of marketing technology, 47% are still not confident when it comes to engaging in digital applications.

As a result, about 70% of businesses outsource their campaigns to external consultants. It emphasizes that 70% of marketers identify the technical knowledge and skills needed to run campaigns, which is one of the biggest challenges in delivering multi-channel campaigns. However, with 26% of marketers now using simplification technology, this problem is beginning to find its solution.

To support this change, Clevertouch has introduced a new feature for Marketing Momentum, which facilitates seamless transition from one marketing platform to another. This update has helped a Global500 company move from one MA platform to another, without changing their Momentum usage experience. As a result, Momentum has now reached more than 1000 users and fully supports Marketo, Perdot and Salesforce marketing cloud, making it easy to use across multiple platforms and making brand integration a reality.

Adam Sharp, CEO of Clevertouch, commented: "Simplification of marketing technology is the key to eliminating manual processes that hinder marketing success. "

Technology transfers are on the rise, and BAU offers services during the momentum conversion process. Marketers can now come up on any one of the three platforms in thirty minutes as opposed to thirty days. The technology can be shared across multiple MARTEC platforms and groups, reducing costs and streamlining MARTEC applications through its all-in-one user interface.

Luke Crickmore, technical director of CleverTouch, commented: “Simplicity is always our main goal for Momentum. Our new feature update ensures greater integration, deeper connectivity with Martech platforms, and the same user experience that marketers have come to love. Momentum can help marketers make the most of their marketing technology. "

Clevertouch's 2020/1 report highlights that only 30% of marketers have integrated technology with their marketing strategies, this year's survey reveals further progress.

You can download the 2022 report here on the Clevertouch website:


About Clevertouch Marketing:
Clevertouch Marketing is Europe's leading Martech software and service provider, B2B Marketing Consulting Partner of the Year, a recognized 3-star best company for its exceptional level of employee employment, and one of the Sunday Times' top 100 companies to work on in the last three. Ongoing year.

Created by marketers with Martek in mind, Clevertouch aims to help clients understand their Martech investments and prove ROI. Clevertouch pioneered the concept of 'The Martech Spine', primarily based on marketing automation and the marketing cloud platform.

The only Marketo Platinum partner in Europe, Salesforce Silver Partner and Seismic's first strategic partner in EMEA, Clevertouch has supported more than 500 Blue Chip and aspiring clients, including Aveva, Atos, Fujitsu and Shell on their Martech ride.

For more information, please see

For more information, please contact: Roseanna Lane, CommsCo [email protected]

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Civil lawsuits began to enter the legal lobby of the gun lobby

Despite appearing to the contrary, American gun manufacturers and sellers are not untouchable, untouchable, or above the law.

Typically, when lawmakers fail to protect the public, makers of hazardous products and perpetrators of hazardous industrial practices are apprehended by the threat of civil lawsuits. But this policy does not apply to the gun industry, as it has received unprecedented immunity from this important liability system.

Lawsuits against arms manufacturers are prohibited by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. When the bill became law in 2005, The NRA said It was "the most important part of the pro-gun law in twenty years."

Federal law allows six exceptions where gun manufacturers can be sued. One of them is for manufacturers who violate state or federal laws regulating the marketing or sale of guns.

The marketing exception helped parents of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre successfully sue Remington Arms last year. The families of those killed in the nine Sandy Hook school shootings have been awarded 73 million as a result of the lawsuit.

According to CalMattersSurvivors of the 2019 shooting at a synagogue in the San Diego area also successfully argued that Smith and Wesson used marketing "which attracted passionate young men with military complexes who might be particularly attracted to the unique capabilities of AR-15 style weapons."

To take a closer look at the claims, let's take a look at some of Smith and Wesson's marketing materials.


Does the video above do a good job of "moving metal" to borrow a phrase from the automobile industry? And who is interested in this video? Future SWAT team members?

There are dozens more videos on the brand's YouTube page. I've picked a cherry-pick that beautifully explains how marketing high-powered automatic weapons isn't about hunting, it's about managing real-life combat games. Where people die.

Like guns, gun advertising is largely uncontrolled

How can we bring a rogue industry to a better place? Can we force gun makers and sellers to the table and make them play nice?

In 1997, the state attorney general, the plaintiffs' lawyers and a group of industry representatives negotiated a complex agreement that required large quantities of tobacco to pay for. 8 368.5 billion in 25 years To compensate states for the costs of treating smoking-related illnesses, to fund nationwide anti-smoking programs, and to provide health care to millions of uninsured children.

There is no agreement in advertising or in real life to keep firearms out of the hands of children. It partly explains why a new ad from the Georgia-based AR-15 maker has been used in the Uvalde Massacre to show a child involved AR-15 as the best gift of all time.

"Train a child the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not move away from itDaniel Defense wrote in an ad shared on Twitter on May 16, eight days before the murder at Rob Elementary School.

The line refers to a proverb The Bible.

West is one, turn in your song

Since the advertising industry will not be self-regulating and the gun industry will not stop pumping their chambers until 'we, the people' stop them, what else can be done?

We can create and place public service ads for gun control. Do you remember this iconic promotion line?

  • Seat belts save lives.

  • Only You Can prevent fires.

  • Keep America beautiful.


What is the "take control of the song" line that opens the mind and changes the heart? "Song Control Now" is very demanding and casual. To meet this challenge we need inspirational copies and campaigns from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Many Americans believe they have a God-given right to a gun. Very few Americans have read the Constitution or The Bible. The Second Amendment says members of a "well-organized militia" may have a gun. Adolescents with the will to die are not part of any militia, well-organized or not. Soccer parents who are equipped with teeth are not part of any militia. Some Americans have a right to a gun.

Now how to convey its truth to the people of this nation? How can we be more careful about saving lives than destroying people? How do we restore America's public squares? Lawsuits and advertising campaigns alone will not do this, but they are effective tools that are in our toolbox. Let's make full use of them.

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In a new report, more than two-thirds of business leaders view digital as one

  • C-Suite research reveals that businesses need constant evolution and repetition to achieve digital success
  • More than two-thirds (68%) no longer think in terms of 'transformation' but think of constant evolution in order to embrace change.
  • The balance of technology, digital and culture is not mature, with 42% less likely to see digital transformation as a fundamental change in the first-person business.
  • The potential of marketing to transform the digital experience is not being used to its full potential: nearly half are unable to focus on continuous improvement

London, 26 May 2022 - A new report from Netcel, Optimizely and Siteimprove shows that senior business leaders are no longer thinking about digital transformation. Instead, more than two-thirds (68%) are moving towards continuous evolution and repetition to embrace change, suggesting that digital evolution could replace digital transformation as a more efficient way for businesses to adapt to today's ever-evolving commercial landscape. .

The research, conducted by independent research firm London Research, asked more than 300 C-Suite executives about their attitude towards digital transformation and how it relates to their business.

From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest

From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest

The results, published today in 'From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest', show that business has entered a time when it is not enough to think in terms of digital transformation. Instead, companies need to achieve a state of constant evolution and gain endless awareness of technology - customer behavior and the changing - and responsive - competitive environment.

Original survey results
The report found that in a rapidly changing world, many organizations do not have a shared vision for what businesses and customers should achieve in their digital experience and are struggling to keep up with the pace of change: lack of skills, lack of insight, arbitrary decision making. , And experimentation is not encouraged in a comprehensive, comprehensible, or systematic way. Additional survey results include:

Everything is digital: A significant number of respondents abandoned the idea of ​​'digital' as something different from the rest of the business, with two-thirds (64%) saying that what they do is digital.

Digital transformation is a state of readiness: Digital-first businesses are less likely to see digital transformation as a fundamental organizational change (42%) than offline businesses (50%). Combined with their enthusiasm for Web 3.0, more than half of these digital-first businesses view digital transformation as less of a journey with a defined endpoint and as a preparation for what some technology may throw at them later.

More opportunities for marketing and Martek to enhance the digital experience: The survey found that marketing potential is not being used to its full potential to transform the digital experience, with nearly half of respondents saying they are unable to focus on continuous improvement. 66% of respondents said that their marketing technology enables them to tailor and personalize the digital experience for individuals or departments, yet 44% think that their marketing technology would benefit from greater development and 34% do not have a stack of marketing technology that is seamless. Assembled in such a way that breaks the organizational silo.

“The passage of time has shown that while digital transformation can be successful in creating short-term victories, digital transformation alone is the first step towards real digital excellence. Instead, to achieve true and sustainable digital excellence, digital transformation must follow the highly complex and ongoing process of digital evolution. This report provides impressive insights into how organizations are evolving and reshaping themselves to create high-performing digital experiences in the long run, ”said Tim Perfit, CEO of Netsell, a digital product consultant.

Dom Graveson commented, "Over the past two decades, Digital has proven itself to be the theater for the most exciting, innovative and disruptive commercial and social enterprises in how we shop, connect, build relationships, become more efficient and grow our business." ", Netsel's director of experience and strategy. “After years of discussing the concept of digital transformation as a strategic goal to enable these benefits, this report is designed to capture the temperature of where we stand in 2022. It asks how far we've come, whether we feel ready for an uncertain, dynamic and exciting future, and most importantly, where we go to discover, create and optimize the diverse digital product experience that benefits our customers and audiences, our companies. And our wider environment. "

Research has also shown that respondents feel that technology is not widely considered to prepare for the challenges ahead: systems struggle with shared data, analysis and single customer perspectives. Integration is a problem, and the evolution and rollout of enterprise architecture can be a challenge. After all, martech is often owned by the IT department, which may lack the collaboration with the marketing, front-line services and data and insights team.

“While the digital landscape continues to evolve due to changing consumer behavior, companies must adopt new marketing strategies to keep pace with the digital evolution. Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their lives, "said Shane Palladin, CEO of Siteimprove. “Our main goal at Siteimprove is to help marketers meet their goals at every stage of their digital maturity, constantly evolving and advancing. By creating a richer, deeper, more complete digital experience, we are part of a movement towards an Internet that is made for everyone. ”

“The report confirms that digital conversion is an old mentality for marketers. Marketing is a destination but not a journey. Successful marketing organizations must be prepared for the journey of continuous improvement and adaptability or they will fall behind, "said Kevin Bobsky, CMIO of Siteimprove.

Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, comments, “Our results draw a clear conclusion for many who see their digital transformation as complete: in fact, businesses often speak only of systems and processes that reflect rather than broad organizational and cultural integration. True and sustainable digital maturity. In other words, many businesses are not truly 'digital' but 'digitized'.

The study, conducted by the independent think tank London Research, in March and April 2022, asked more than 300 C-Suite executives about their attitudes towards digital transformation and how it relates to their business.

- End -

Editors note

To get a copy of the report, or for more information or an interview, please contact:
Kate Gordon, Bright Spark PR for Netsell
+44 7980 921961 / [email protected]

Reporting method
The report is based on a survey by London Research of more than 300 client-side business respondents responsible for digital development, with annual revenues of at least 50 million. The survey was conducted in March and April 2022. At the same time, London also conducted multiple interviews with research consultants and practitioners.

About Netsell
Netcel is a leading digital product consultant that helps organizations discover, create and enhance the digital experience. We create intelligent digital products using insights, design thinking and market-leading Optimizely DXP technology. Our range of services: digital strategy, experience design, technology, data and insights and managed services. Get ready to transform your digital products and experiences at

About Optimally
At Optimizely, we're on a mission to help people unlock their digital potential. We equip teams with the tools and insights needed to test new and innovative ways Now, companies can work with data-driven confidence to create hyper-personal experiences. Building sophisticated solutions has never been easier. Learn how we publish new limits on

About Siteimprove
Siteimprove gives marketing teams the ability to optimize their content for accessibility, user experience, and marketing performance, so they can expand their brand reach, exceed their marketing goals, and work towards the future.

More than 7,000 companies use Siteimprove to optimize their content for each result — and experts have noticed. We have been named Leader in the four major enterprise categories of the latest G2 Grid Leader for SEO, Digital Analytics, Digital Accessibility and Digital Governance. We also work with leading accessibility groups, such as the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), W3C and the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program. Learn more at

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Canapii has won three awards at Eventex 2022

Canapii is proud to announce that it is among the winners of the Eventex Awards 2022 - the 12th world award for event and experience marketing.

As a leading provider of digital event tools and solutions, Canapii has won two Gold Awards for Best Virtual Event Platform as well as Virtual Experience Solutions and has earned Silver in the Event Technology category.

Kanapi logo

Kanapi logo

“The industry has faced some unprecedented challenges over the past few months, but here’s another brilliant example of the dedication of its talented professionals to creating amazing event experiences. Winning an Iventex award is a recognition for everyone in Kanapi, so personally and on behalf of the entire Iventex team, I would like to congratulate Kanapi for this great achievement. " - Comments Ovanes Ovanesian, co-founder of the Eventex Awards.

The Eventex Awards 2022 received 606 entries from 33 countries. It is truly an honor to be recognized and rewarded among many other brilliant events and projects around the world.

“The rate at which the event industry has evolved is remarkable. First and foremost, we're constantly innovating our products and solutions to create a better-personalized, hybrid and virtual experience, "explained Rita Chaher, co-founder of Canapy. "By working closely with our clients, we are in a better position to provide them with the right set of tools and solutions they need to try their event both online and offline."

The Eventex Award is a recognition of the latest series that Canapii has received for innovation and excellence as an all-in-one event management software. The Canapii event management platform was recently recognized as the second fastest growing product in G2's list of 100 fastest growing products of 2022. The company has been awarded three outstanding awards: Software Award in Start-up category by Singapore Business Review, Event Tech Start-up Award in Best Event Tech Live 2021 and Top Event Management Solution Provider in UK by Martek Outlook. These series of awards and nominations highlight our legitimacy in the field as the event management platform of choice for providing truly outstanding event experiences.

About the Eventex Awards
Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the industry, today the Eventex Awards is the world's most prestigious award for events and experiential marketing. Each year the competition highlights the best agencies, events and technologies in the world of events.

About Kanapi
Canapii provides unique solutions for managing personal, hybrid and virtual events. Launched in 2020 as a virtual event platform, they have hosted 130,000 users worldwide and work with leading brands including Adobe, Hewlett Packard and LSE.

As the sole provider of genuine 24/7 customer service, our global team lives and breathes events regardless of their location or size. From registration to post-event analysis, Canapii users can streamline their entire event organization and create truly unique event experiences. By staying ahead of the curve of innovation, we enable our customers to influence their audience at every step. For more information, see

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