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RCS is evolving into the next generation marketing channel for MNOs and advertisers,

Rich mobile messaging allows mobile operators and advertisers to engage consumers with useful, media-rich interactions that can be measured and optimized for maximum conversions.

MNOs are uniquely positioned to use RCS potential

RCS performance statistics

RCS performance statistics

London, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, May 19, 2022 - RCS (Rich Communication Services) Messaging will be responsible for the growing proportion of global mobile operator revenue and is expected to become an important channel for advertisers as they seek to enhance direct-consumer interaction and their first-party databases. This is according to a new white paper, "Unlocking Multi-Channel Marketing with RCS", published by mobile marketing automation experts Upstream, which explores the rise of rich mobile messaging as an important part of the digital marketing mix.

RCS messaging allows MNOs and advertisers to create highly targeted media-rich messages that can be widely personalized to engage and convert users. Performance metrics, including open-rate and message interactions, can also be used to help advertisers optimize their content for maximum impact.

“Listeners today have come to expect very fragmented and personalized communication. There is currently no single communication channel that effectively meets all of these needs, so marketers have had to adapt using a mix of different channels to maximize engagement. RCS brings unique value to any multi-channel mix, combining the rich media capabilities of digital channels with hyper-personalized engagement in the SMS world. The use of marketing for the channel can only be limited by imagination, "said Costas Castanis, deputy CEO of Upstream.

Upstream data suggests that RCS is already becoming an important tool to help advertisers connect with users on a personal level, with a click-through rate (CTR) of up to 22.2%.[1] And a 37% conversion rate increase[2] Traditional SMS campaigns are carried out across various industries.

Since 2020[3] And its global rollout from the Google Messages app, RCS is gaining significant traction and the number of RCS-enabled subscribers is expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2026.[4].

This emerging trend towards rich mobile messaging comes when third party cookies, once the cornerstone of digital marketing, will be permanently retired. Advertisers who cannot tap into third-party cookies as a means to reach a wider audience through a broad but often superficial marketing campaign will instead focus on creating a compelling and highly personalized experience to increase their first-party customer base.

Compatible with MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Number), each user's unique mobile number allows RCS mobile operators to verify customer identities, making it easy to deliver targeted and personalized messages. Global MNO revenue from RCS is expected to reach $ 4.6 billion in 2026[5].

"It's time for mobile operators to capitalize on and play a leading role in the development of the digital advertising ecosystem," Castanis said. They are uniquely positioned to do so through their millions of subscriber-base and "proprietary" channels such as RCS and SMS. Using technology platforms that allow them to effectively run multichannel campaigns - and in numbers - is a step towards that goal, and will help increase revenue in the years to come. "

Upstream is one of Google's official messaging partners that enables RCS, and is recognized by GSMA as one of the key players in the RCS ecosystem.[6]. In Brazil, one of the leading RCS markets in the world, Upstream is the largest RCS sender.

[1] Upstream Martek platform data. Increase, campaign for food retailers, increase web traffic
[2] Upstream Martek platform data. Increase, Campaign for MNO, Pay Plan Migration / Upgrade
[3] Techradar, "Google Releases RCS Messaging Worldwide", November 2020
[4] Juniper, "RCS vs. OTT: Why 2022 is an Important Year", February 2022
[5] Juniper, "RCS vs. OTT: Why 2022 is an Important Year", February 2022
[6] GSMA Future Networks, "The RCS Ecosystem", accessed 20.4.2022.


About upstream
Upstream is a leading technology company in the field of mobile marketing in the world's most important emerging market. Its mobile marketing automation platform, GRO, combines the innovation of multi-channel digital communications with its unique, marketing automation and data, protection from online advertising fraud and the creation of a personalized experience for end consumers. With over 4,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns, Upstream Team helps its customers, leading brands around the world, communicate more effectively with their customers, increase digital sales and increase their revenue. Upstream Solutions targets 1.2 billion customers in more than 45 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Please contact for details:
Chevan Ceresinhe
Sonus PR for upstream
E: [email protected]
P: +44 20 3751 0330

Sophia Marino
Upstream Corporate Communications
E: [email protected]
[email protected]
P: +30210 6618532

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Newsflare has hired a new head of B2B Growth Marketing following Series B funding

London, New York, Los Angeles 10 February 2022: Newsflare, the world's leading licensing platform and user-generated video marketplace (UGV), has announced the appointment of Nick Mamuzellos as its new head of B2B Growth Marketing. After attracting £ 5m Series B funding and announcing a milestone brand refresh, the first senior hire will play a leading role in Nick Newsflare's accelerated growth strategy as it claims to be the category leader for premium UGV monetization.

Nick Mamuzellos

Nick Mamuzellos

Nick combines creativity with digital strategy to attract, engage and retain customers, a highly experienced growth marketing expert. Nick has recently worked as a digital strategist at VIXIO and has vast experience in implementing strategies and global marketing programs for organizations such as PepsiCo, ALM Media, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Baretz + Brunel. Based on results, Nick has a history of continuous growth and building highly engaged customer bases.

Speaking about the recruitment, Newsflare's CCO Neil Rampay said:

"I am really excited to welcome Nick to the team. Marketing is the key to building our growth base and he will help us build on the great work the team has accomplished so far to take us to this milestone moment in our company's evolution. We were fascinated by her obsession with growth, being data-aware, and her excitement about our proposal - capturing and sharing important moments.

“2022 is an important year for Newsflare. A year when our dream of becoming a leader in the world market for the monetization of user-generated video (UGV) begins to become a reality and within our reach. It's nothing short of a transformation for our business, for our team of talented people, for our army of filmmakers, for our customers - publishers, social publishers, TV producers, creative companies, brands - and for the growth of the creator's economy. "


Editors note

Please contact us for more information about Newsflare:
Kelly Pryor, PR Consultant
Telephone: 07730 572878
Email: [email protected]

About Newsflare
Life, with all its colors and frenzy, sights and sounds, including victories and tragedies, is a scene that claims to be shared with viewers everywhere, through fascinating and captivating user-generated videos.

Newsflare's ever-increasing global membership of filmmakers captures life in our huge, ever-expanding vault all day, uploading new clips every day. It's lively with diverse, emotionally powerful content and new ideas that will resonate deeply with any viewer on any platform - and we've made it easy and quick to search, select and license your clips. Important moments are being captured everywhere, all the time, and your audience is hungry to see them. So, dive into the newsflare and give them a front row seat.

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The Shard scene enhances the experience by adding ScentAir

  • ScentAir's handy perfume solution has improved the view of the shard themed experience, increased viewership and increased living time by 30%.

London, United Kingdom; 24 February 2022: The View from The Shard is working with perfume marketing expert ScentAir to complete its all-encompassing themed experience for visitors to the top of London's tallest building.

ScentAir, which has a track record of enhancing customer experience for over 25 years and works with clients including Marriott, The White Company and IKEA, has hand-picked original seasonal perfumes that complement and enhance the unique experience from Shard to The View. .



The first theme started with the ‘Avant Garden’ in the summer of 2021, based on a summer garden that is fragrant with flowers. For the winter months, ScentAir has provided a Nordic-inspired cranberry, apple and marmalade scent for The View from The Shard's Aurora Experience. This experience led to a surge in viewers from The View from the Shard, with a 30% increase in stay together.

Ian Rogers, Head of Operations at The View from the Shard, said: “As a premium visitor experience, we have chosen to work with leading perfume marketing experts in the UK. ScentAir has proven to be highly adaptable and innovative in providing a fragrance solution to meet our unique needs. "

Luke Reilly, Head of Sales at The View from the Shard, adds: “We have a breathtaking view as the tallest building in the UK, but what better way to enhance this magical experience than to add a certain seasonal scent for our visitors to enjoy. This has had a dramatic effect on our audience experience and has resulted in more time being spent at the venue. It's great to match our themes with incredible fragrances. "

Joanna Riordan, Head of Customer Experience at St.Air (UK) added: "This is a prestigious place to showcase the benefits of perfume marketing, and we're delighted to partner with a team that is so creative. We are proud to demonstrate how our fragrance solutions and fragrance skills are able to enhance this unique landmark. ”

Those who want to see The View from Shard's Aurora Experience before 28 February can get last minute tickets here:

To learn more about the power of perfume marketing, visit the ScentAir website here:


About The View from the Shard
The View from The Shard is the tallest building in the UK, a premium tourist attraction at the top of The Shard. Sky-high in a high-speed elevator, this ride takes you to the city's most scenic spot, 72 floors above the capital. Located 800 feet above London's iconic skyline, The View from the Shard is a must-see for all visitors to London, enabling guests to feel the whole city like never before. Whether sipping champagne over the clouds or discovering the rich history of the capital from new perspectives, this breathtaking 360 ° panoramic experience cannot be missed.

About Scentair
Berkshire-based ScentAir is ScentAir Technologies, LLC. Part of this, privately held and founded in 1994, provides best-in-class surround perfume marketing solutions for many recognized brands around the world. As a global leader in scented marketing, the company creates memorable impressions for both small businesses and global enterprises, enhancing their customer experience through the power of smell. With corporate offices in Charlotte, NC, USA and France, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, the company's 425+ global team members serve customers in 119 countries through its dedicated global supply chain and manufacturing activities in North America, Europe, and Asia. ScentAir is committed to creating customized perfume techniques that enhance clients' brand feel, customer loyalty and sales.

To learn more, visit

Contact Leah Jones at [email protected], +44 7876 117760 for media search.

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Zngly has announced a partnership with Legerity to transform its customer engagement

Dublin, Ireland, 9th March 2022- Zngly - a no-code media platform for content marketing and creating, managing and measuring client engagement - today announced its partnership with Legerity to transform and streamline how content is used by its sales and marketing teams to drive high-level potential. To do and engage the customer.

The growth of remote work experience and hybrid sales strategies has forced marketing and sales teams to be creative about how they deliver consistent and personalized campaigns across numerous channels. McKinsey recently found that B2B subscribers now lag behind 10 separate channels as part of their "decision journey," which has doubled since 2016. B2B marketers have responded by increasing the complexity and launching more blogs, podcasts, webinars and thought leaders, where there is no room. Them

Headquartered in London, Legerity provides FastPost, an ultra-high performance accounting rules platform that is changing the way insurance, banking and telco companies think about their back-office processes. With a lot of content targeting different markets, Zngly has enabled Legerity to easily find sales and marketing parallels and categorize them into targeted campaigns. With built-in personalization tools, salespeople can cut down on noise and communicate directly with their intended leads.

Commenting on the partnership, Mike Richardson, Marketing Manager, Legerity, said: As a start-up user and user of Zngly, we've been able to complete, streamline and transform the way our content is used by both the sales and marketing team. The ability to curate existing and new content has allowed us to personalize our outreach directly to personal possibilities. Our new resource segment has noticed a 200% increase in stay time and a pleasurable decrease in our bounce rate.

In the announcement, Mike Wilson, CEO and founder of Zngly, commented: "In a world where B2B customers are so overwhelmed with content, Zngly allows businesses to cut down on noise and reduce the complexity of traditional content marketing. As a fast-growing business, with a lot of content like descriptive videos, webinars, videos, etc., lagerity needs a way to bring this content to life. Intuitive curation tools built into the Zngly platform have enabled Legerity to supercharge its content marketing efforts in a simple but powerful way. "

Click here to see Legerity working with Zngly:, or to learn how Zngly can solve your business challenges, visit https : //

---- End ----

About Zngly:
Zngly is a no-code media platform built for the creation, curation and measurement of B2B content marketing. Zngly addresses the pain points faced daily by sales and marketing teams, allowing them to overcome these challenges, align and win new business.

Empowering organizations with existing content resources - Zngly allows users to combine these resources into one place and share them into curated playlists. With built-in personalization tools, salespeople can cut down on noise and communicate directly with their intended leads.

For more information about Zngly, please visit:

About Legerity:
Legerity helps clients provide digital finance transformation and complex accounting changes, economically and with minimal disruption.

Legerity FastPost is an award-winning accounting rules platform. Modular in design with open interface, FastPost was built for big data volume, complex accounting requirements, business insights and agility. The platform is built with cloud-native, ultra-high-speed performance and the latest open-source technology.

Legerity recently won the 2022 InsuranceERM Award for Best Use of IFRS17 Solution of the Year (for the second year) and Cloud Technology. The firm was named a "Rising Star" in the 2022 ChartRiskTech 100And Report.

For more information on Legerity, please visit:

Media Search:
For all media searches, please contact:
Tim Brennan, Champion Communications - [email protected]

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Stephanie Beer joins MMA Global as MMA Germany’s new Country Director

Berlin (March 16, 2022) - MMA Germany is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephanie Beer as its new Country Director, Chris Babayode, MD reports to MMA EMEA. Beer Success Katza is not unfamiliar with the industry of Griser (who has run MMA Germany since 2020 with Chair Mark Watchter) and was recently in charge of liaison and member services at OWM (Organization Werbungtreibende im Markenverband) - German Advertisers Association.

"At MMA Germany I will expand my role at OWM: 'with our focus on the future architecture of marketing." Comment beer. “As part of my new remittance, I look forward to transforming the marketing transformation, and as a business entity, to building an inspiring and prosperous industry for marketers and publishers based on collaboration between marketing and technology solution providers. , Companies, and technology providers.

MMA Germany logo

MMA Germany logo

Babayode says: "Cooperation is crucial for a business organization and that's what we at MMA EMEA and MMA Germany do when we align players across the entire marketing ecosystem. With Beer and our board members we plan to bring market insights, research, tools and solutions for impact and growth. I do. "

With members such as Unilever, McDonald's, Bayer, Meta, TikTok, Sony Music, Adjust, Google, Ogury, Upday and Universal McCann, MMA Germany has established itself as Germany's leading marketing company since 2016, bringing together all digital stakeholders in the value chain. . Since the establishment of MMA in Germany, the use of mobile media has steadily increased and "Mobile First" has successfully established itself among most advertisers.

Today, it is increasingly advocating for concrete support and assistance for marketers with the challenges they face, including data, measurement, marketing capabilities, brand security and sustainability, multi-touch attribution and customer experience. Also, look to the future to help marketers take advantage of Web 3.0, NFT and Metavers.

MMA Germany Chair Mark Watchter added: "We are delighted to have Stephanie Beer join us, a proven expert in the German market with excellent acquaintances." "In particular, her deep understanding of the needs and challenges of advertisers will be a great resource for us."

About MMA:
With more than 800 member companies and activities in more than 50 countries, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the world's leading non-profit organization for mobile marketing. Its members represent the entire value chain, including advertisers, agencies, technology providers and media companies. MMA's stated mission is to promote digital transformation through mobile, enable innovation and thus drive economic growth. The smartphone enables brands to be closer to their customers than ever before. MMA Germany is represented by local representatives Mark Watchter (chairman) and Stephanie Beer (country director). More information about MMA Germany can be found on the website, blog or at Twitter.

For more information about MMA Global, see
For information on all MMA events and to register for its events, visit

Media communication:
Peggy Ann Salz
Chief Content Officer
MMA Germany
[email protected]
Mobile: +49 1722451028

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Customer ‘retargeting’ sales in mobile driving have increased 100-fold, the new release ৷

Automatic retargeting via mobile can enhance campaign efficiency while protecting against spam

Athens, March 17, 2022 - According to the latest data from upstream mobile marketing experts, 'retargeting' is ten times more likely to result in an order or other positive engagement than an initial contact with a customer who has already communicated with a brand through mobile. The improvement is even greater, almost 100 times, if the retargeting of the mobile marketing campaign takes place on the same day that the customers are initially involved with the brand.

Reducing messaging spam

Reducing messaging spam

These results were based on a real-world campaign set up on the upstream Martek platform 'Grow'. The award-winning platform is being set up by MNOs and brands around the world, including one of Brazil's largest mobile operators serving more than 45 million customers.

Data shows that brands are able to dynamically reconnect with potential customers as they see dramatic improvements in their mobile marketing campaigns. The goal of mobile retargeting is to capture customers who have shown interest in a brand's product or service, for example, joining a website or going through a purchase process but abandoning the order before completing it.

Chrisa Caramanidi, Upstream's Chief Innovation Officer, said: "The unique data we extract from Grow gives marketers an effective insight into how to fine-tune their campaigns in a rapidly evolving digital marketing environment." The ability to dynamically target and retarget potential customers using effective automation processes is becoming the key to unlocking marketing success. "

According to data released by Upstream today, campaign efficiency (sum of orders divided by number of impressions) increases by 90 percent compared to manual retargeting of the same day by automation. From the initial 'bounce' from a website to the next step, like the payment step, the user automatically sets the volume of follow-up messages based on where the user has moved from 'Spamming' to 'Grow'. Automatic retargeting by Grow requires about half the messages (-47 percent) sent to the user to achieve the same result.

Combining viewer management, automation, channel orchestration, insight and analysis, security and a creative studio on a single platform, Upstream unveiled Grow in 2021. Brands across multiple sectors such as telecom, education, insurance, banking and retailers are deploying Grow for successful multichannel campaigns.


About upstream
Upstream is a leading technology company in the field of mobile marketing in the world's most important emerging market. Its mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, combines innovation in the field of multi-channel digital communication with its kind of unique, marketing automation and data, protection from online advertising fraud and creating a personalized experience for end consumers. With over 4,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns, Upstream Team helps its customers, leading brands around the world, communicate more effectively with their customers, increase digital sales and increase their revenue. Upstream Solutions targets 1.2 billion customers in more than 45 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Please contact for details:
Chevan Ceresinhe
Sonus PR for upstream
E: [email protected]
P: +44 20 3751 0330

Sophia Marino
Upstream Corporate Communications
E: [email protected]
[email protected]
P: +30210 6618532 +30210 6618507

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Rows announce a triple user growth following desktop applications beta launch and bold.

  • Supported by Lakestar, Accel, and Cherry Ventures, the beta version of the Rows app for Windows and MacOS is now live - the next iPad is coming
  • Sari recently launched a marketing campaign headlining the plastering of two provocative billboards outside Microsoft and Google headquarters - signups have emerged after a bold move.
  • Full feature parity of desktop apps with rows of web apps will be achieved by the end of the year, with significant user growth expected.

Berlin, 22nd March 2022: Row - Next Generation Spreadsheet for Business, backed by Lexter, Excel, and Cherry Ventures - today announced the beta launch of the Rose app for Windows and MacOS, with an upcoming iPad version coming.

Row has tripled its users over the past few months, with the company expecting further growth as it builds a roadmap for its products. The goal is to achieve full feature parity with the web version of the app by the end of the year.

Row upon row of billboards outside Microsoft Office

Row upon row of billboards outside Microsoft Office

The news comes after its $ 16m fundraising announcement and the launch of a daring marketing campaign: it may not have starred Frances McDormand or Sam Rockwell, but the story of the two billboards plastered near the US headquarters of Microsoft and Google is controversial. The billboard reads: "Dear Microsoft, your spreadsheet has been around for 36 years. Now it's time to retire. We'll take it from here" and "Dear Google, your spreadsheet is from 2006. Nokia 6070 and so on. It's time to make an upgrade."

Branded as the next generation spreadsheet for the business, Rows is making a bold statement that it is ready to challenge the market dominance of the old incumbents and shake up an industry that has been stagnant for 15 years. With Excel and Google Sheets, the company claims excellence for its sleek design (no need to embellish spreadsheets), seamless third-party integration (all data can be accessed in one place), advanced automation features, and revolutionary live. The ability to share.

Sari co-founder and CEO, Humberto Ayres Pereira, commented: “Let's face it. Sucking spreadsheets. The business world is still on them but they are slowing us down. Sari is bringing her favorite spreadsheet to the modern work world. "

“We created the product focusing on three key areas: design, integration and collaboration. Row users don't need to embellish their spreadsheets with our flashy designs and they can easily add the data they need from other business tools and platforms. Another highlight of the product is our live sharing functionality, which makes the first universal spreadsheet platform. People can publish their spreadsheets to see the world and get inspired Our integration and live sharing functionality is easily the biggest revision of spreadsheets from Google Sheets. "

Humberto has teamed up with co-founder Torben Schulz to empower people with better data access and clear documents that encourage smart decisions. The product currently offers more than 40 integrations with business tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce and public databases like Crunchbase or LinkedIn. Users can even integrate custom APIs without add-ons, scripts or code.

The end

About the row:
Rows are spreadsheets with superpowers. Its cloud platform-based spreadsheets allow teams to own and automate their workflows by creating apps and tools directly from the sheet. The platform has strong functionality such as integration and publishing that is not offered by existing spreadsheet tools, eliminating barriers to accessing users without programming experience. Rows has offices in Berlin and Porto and is supported by Lexter, Axel and Cherry Ventures.

Any user and a team of any size can create an account and start using the free queue. Row has a tiered price model. Find out more about subscription plans here:

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Enterprise Ireland partners with Zngly to run overseas expansion

Dublin, Ireland, March 30: Zngly, a no-code media platform for creating, managing and measuring content marketing and client engagement, today announced its partnership with Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government's trade and innovation agency, responsible for developing Irish initiatives in the global market. Zngly is an innovative Irish company developing solutions to address common challenges faced by marketing and sales teams and to transform the way businesses use content marketing.

Enterprise Ireland has partnered closely with Zngly since January and recently appeared on the agency's 'Ireland: Innovation at the Edge' campaign, making Irish businesses one of the most innovative in the world and highlighting the role they are playing in the post. - Epidemic recovery.

As companies emerge from the COVID-19 epidemic and embrace the new realities of hybrid sales models, many are looking for new tools to help build relationships across multiple channels. Remote work experience changes customer engagement choices. LinkedIn found that 43% of B2B buyers now prefer a sales-representative free experience, for example. Managing different types of content while sending consistent messages across each channel can therefore be a daunting task for marketing managers.

Mike Wilson, CEO of ZnglyAdds: "We've created a solution that addresses a number of issues that sales and marketing teams face day in and day out. Today's buyers are not just channel agnostics, they're primarily digitally influential. Helps to share in a digestible and personalized way. As a high-potential start-up, we are pleased to partner with Enterprise Ireland to enable us to deliver our solutions to teams around the world. "

Klaudagh Dolan, Marketing Executive of Enterprise Ireland Explaining the rationale behind the partnership: "As one of the world's largest seed capital investors, we help our international partners develop a pipeline of state-of-the-art Irish companies by providing a gateway to Irish innovation. We are thrilled to see the momentum that Zngly has achieved, before it launches and look forward to supporting Zngly as it continues to innovate, grow internationally and transform the B2B industry. "

Visit Zngly Digital Showcase with Enterprise Ireland at:, or visit to learn more about Zngly: /

About Zngly:
Zngly is a no-code media platform built for the creation, curation and measurement of B2B content marketing. Zngly addresses the pain points faced daily by sales and marketing teams, allowing them to overcome these challenges, align and win new business.

Empowering organizations with existing content resources - Zngly allows users to combine these resources into one place and share them into curated playlists. With built-in personalization tools, salespeople can cut down on noise and communicate directly with their intended leads.

For more information about Zngly, please visit:

About Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is an Irish state agency that works with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales to world markets. Enterprise Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, the Irish business and research and investment community to develop Ireland's international trade, innovation, leadership and competition. As such, we support sustainable economic growth and regional development and help create and sustain employment in Ireland.

For more information, please visit:

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4 Quick Instagram Marketing Tips for 2022 [Revealed]

Your Instagram ads are likely to reach 640+ Millions of potential buyers. Has your Instagram marketing been optimized for success?

We know that Instagram is a popular and widely used social ECommerce advertising Since launching the platform in 2010, the app has become a popular social network where businesses around the world can efficiently sell their products and services.

And in 2022, more potential is expected to arrive.

Online stores will want to optimize their marketing for everything from your way Create an Instagram post Include campaigns that you include in your overall e-commerce Facebook strategy to increase sales and scale their e-commerce businesses.

In this post, we give you four quick ones Instagram Marketing Tips Just do that.

2022 Instagram Marketing Tips

  1. Review your brand's Instagram profile performance
  2. Use the power of hashtags to reach millions of new potential buyers
  3. Focus on increasing the engagement rate
  4. Adapt your Instagram marketing strategy to your specific audience using advanced analytics and automation

Let's jump in.

1. Review the performance of your brand's Instagram profile

To increase Instagram sales, your brand must stand out from the crowd and is critical to your account optimization. The key is to take advantage of certain features that business accounts have access to and use your brand account. Instagram Insights Review and change.

An important profile element to optimize is the display and main details of your story. The latter also helps brands Optimize for Instagram SEO. Something Kohl knows a lot about optimizing his Instagram profile.

Example of Instagram profile Winner

[Source: Kohls]

Here's a short checklist to help new stores review and optimize their Instagram profiles:

  • Review your business account time and contact information
  • Create a FAQ story highlight
  • Use Linktree or other apps to send traffic to specific landing pages
  • Show UGC and product reviews to highlight your story
  • Create brand hashtags to establish Instagram Search visibility And presence

For your eCommerce brand's Instagram bio and more advanced tips on how to optimize accounts and SEO for customers, Click here.

2. Use the power of hashtags to reach millions of new potential buyers

Optimizing your Instagram content with hashtags helps your posts reach new audiences and improves the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing.

In addition, running a hashtag campaign can be incredibly powerful, and designing a hashtag campaign strategy should be one of the first things to do in 2022 to increase your Instagram marketing.

Let's look at an example of this post from Nike LA.

The example of the Instagram hashtag is the winner

As you can see, they used the hashtag (#astrology #capricorn) to reach potential fans who like astrology. If you click through this hashtag, you will see over ten million Instagram posts about astrology, which is huge!

The example of the Instagram hashtag is the winner

In short: Effective use of hashtags will improve the reach of your posts.

In fact, with the right hashtags, you can reach an audience you don't know existed. More people in your target demographic who haven't found you yet will start following you. Suddenly your presence increased!

Check out The ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags for 2022 An updated list of popular hashtags from Hubspot you can use for your sponsored posts.

3. Focus on increasing the engagement rate

As we know, high engagement is an important consideration for Instagram's algorithm. The higher the level of participation, the more likely it is that the content will be published on the newsfeed, attracting attention and attention.

In addition, potential buyers may be involved as a trusted signal to purchase your product for the first time.

This means that the engagement rate is the most important metric to track in 2022.

Here's a tip you can use to grow Improve your content engagement rate This year on Instagram:

Be the first to be hired

Instagram, after all, is a social platform. This means that in order to increase engagement, your brand needs to attract visitors.

To do this, consider your main target market and be aware of their interests and passions. You can then start a conversation, address relevant issues, or answer audience issues in the comments.

Spending time talking to your audience can dramatically increase your overall engagement rate. See how smartly the keychain engages the audience with the puzzle.

Increase Instagram engagement

[Source: Chubbies]

4. Adapt your Instagram marketing strategy to your target audience using advanced analytics and automation

2022 is about automation and optimization. That means getting more Instagram insights in real-time, then using them to change your marketing strategy.

Yes, Instagram itself has a built-in analytics tool that provides the necessary data in a way that makes it easy to compare content, monitor campaigns, and evaluate the performance of individual components.

But for 2022, you'll want to invest in third-party tools like Hootsuite for Post Insight and Instagram eCommerce ad automation and traffic boosters for real-time optimization.

  • Traffic Booster is an advanced PPC automation software Designed specifically for ecommerce, including Instagram ads.
  • Hutsuit A social media management tool that offers enhanced Instagram insights, including engagement rates, followers, comments and post impressions.

Instagram automation tools

The latest thought

Here you have it: Four Quick Instagram Marketing Hacks To Start Your Year.

To recap: You, as a growing ecommerce brand, can quickly optimize your Instagram marketing for 2022:

  1. Your brand's Instagram profile performance is being reviewed
  2. Uses the power of hashtags to reach millions of new potential buyers
  3. Concentrate on increasing the engagement rate
  4. Adapt your Instagram marketing strategy to your specific audience using advanced analytics and automation

Still, have Instagram marketing questions? Post them in the comments section below.

Bogdan Klopov

Bogdan Klopov is the head of community outreach at Visme. She loves to write, create new links and enjoy traveling.



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UltimateSuite hires Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Partnerships

The company has doubled down on expansion plans, including two executive appointments and a new international office

Prague, Czech Republic - 4th April, 2022 - UltimateSweet, Task Mining Company, today announced the appointment of Carina Hughes as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Philip Strange as head of the channel and alliance. The two new appointments are a key part of UltimateSuite's strategic growth plan as it measures global business. Also, the company announced today that it has expanded its physical footprint, opening new offices in Hamburg, Germany and Seattle, USA as it continues its global growth trajectory.

Karina Hughes

Karina Hughes

Carina will oversee all disciplines under the marketing function to create brand awareness and business growth. He has extensive knowledge of both software and software-a-services and has experience providing effective go-to-market strategies, having previously held senior marketing executive roles at Sirion Labs, Icertis and Coupa.

Philip joins the team to develop and manage the company's partnership program. As an expert in channel space, Philip will strengthen UltimateSuite's global footprint by building relationships with system integrators, value-added resellers (VARs) and technology alliance partners - creating a global partner ecosystem and expanding customer base.

“We are making significant progress with new teams, new offices and new products. Robert Smanek, CEO and founder of UltimateSuite, says, "Our goal in building our skills and equipment begins with hiring the best people to grow our team and give us perspective." “Carina and Philip bring a lot of skills and experience. They share our goal of operational excellence and understand why it starts with task mining. Their experience has demonstrated the ability to work through customer challenges to build strong companies and strong partnerships. We're excited to be able to work with them to support businesses in their quest for maximum efficiency and ROI. "

“Hiring one, not two, senior executives in a time that has been challenging for many is a testament to UltimateSuite's commitment to growth and resilience. We share a common goal to ensure that we reach as many businesses as possible for real and lasting operational change. Gathering insights into manual processes and understanding how they can be better implemented is the first step in revolutionizing business activities. And I'm personally thrilled to be working with an exciting company that is proud of such an exciting offer, "said Karina Hughevin, Chief Marketing Officer, UltimateSweet.

UltimateSuite operates from its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, and has offices in London, the United Kingdom, Hamburg, Germany, and Seattle, USA.

About UltimateSuite
With unparalleled technology and department-defined innovation, UltimateSuite pushes the boundaries of what is possible through task mining and automation. AI-driven, process and task mining companies help companies enhance their operational efficiency through its suite of data-driven workforce management, process management and automation solutions. Backed by analysts including Firm Deep Analysis, which has named UltimateSuite as a market leader in the task mining space, the company is equipped with state-of-the-art task mining and RPA capabilities that drive its customers' digital journeys, making their businesses efficiently driven. powerhouses. With a laser-sharp focus on enabling automation of manual tasks and productivity improvements, UltimateSuite is trusted by global companies such as Société Générale, Generali, Nielsen, Volkswagen Financial Services, among other companies in various industries for all their automation needs. Visit or follow for more information UltimateSweet.

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