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Spring inspiration and new designer look

  • Fashion and lifestyle company Bruninger is once again positioning itself as a multi-channel destination for premium and luxurious fashion with contemporary, innovative and digital campaign production and storytelling.
  • To begin the spring / summer 2022 season, one of the top virtual production studios created an integrated campaign with two different versions made for target groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • The two promotional themes of inspiration, identity and unity, "the beauty of spring" and "eternal spring", are reflected by the nine European talents represented. The campaign begins on April 4, 2022.

Hardly any season inspires the fashion world like spring. With its new spring / summer campaign, Bruninger captures the allure of this brightly colored and versatile season in a sensitive and expressive way. In addition to the latest designer looks from Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Jacquemus and Zimmermann, selected designers and new brands such as Bvlgari, Tiffany, Tilly Sveas and Ariane Ernst have created special jewelry at the beginning of the summer, all motivated. Stimulated and inspired individual expressions of style.

The main theme of the campaign is the innovative production method of extended reality, used here to create a dream-like background where real and virtual animals or objects can be seen together. Thanks to the depth of this fantasy space, visitors are taken to an inspiring spring landscape. In the first theme of the campaign, it is a vibrant, rich green garden scene ("spring beauty"), reminiscent of mind-blowing Impressionists, while the second theme of the campaign uses innovative visual techniques and plays with water reflections to mimic. A bright spring day ("Eternal Spring").

Spring inspiration and new designer look

Spring inspiration and new designer look

The main unifying virtual element of both campaign formats is a blue butterfly designed by the famous French painter Pierre Mornet. Transformed into a digital 3D animation, the butterfly surrounds a total of nine campaign talents through early summer settings, focusing on fashion and beauty models Lorena Ray, Julia Bonas and Stuttgart-based ballet solo Matteo Mickey. In POS, the blue butterfly appears as an inspirational icon in the window, in the store, and as an installation in the attic of the Bruninger store.

With this completely innovative and hybrid campaign product that combines the real and digital world, we are establishing a unique kind of communication with a very special application. Combining the versatility of the early summer season with the underlying narrative, we've managed to create a brand new identity for Bruninger that is both amazing and inspiring, "said Kirsten Hendrich, Bruninger's Chief Brand Officer.

The central communication element of the campaign is a 20-second or 15-second campaign film, depending on the theme, which is broadcast on TV and all relevant digital channels and is supplemented by print, outdoors, DOOH and Bruninger's own channels. . Social media channels like Snapchat and Instagram also play a central role. On, the promotion will be available on TV starting April 4, 2022 or April 19, 2022. Highlights from the extensive new designer collection will also be seen at the "Digital Fashion Show" on April 5, 2022 at 7pm. At with the campaign.

Virtual Studios sets the stage for the latest Breuninger promotion
Bruninger was the first fashion client to create a new campaign at Europe's leading virtual production studio, drawing a "metaverse" hyperbole production facility in the city of Penning, near Landsberg am Lech, to present its brand as an extension of reality in the digital space. With an LED area of ​​500 square meters, the digitally created fantasy world blends with reality. Hyperball is one of the only studios to have a high-resolution LED ceiling, which can transform the space for filming into a pool of water.

# Bruningermoments

Download link Image material:

Find the "Beauty of Spring" and "Eternal Spring" campaign strands here

Editors note:

All images were recorded in compliance with government regulations regarding COVID-19, which were in force at the time of recording. COVID security measures are in place to ensure that each person is pictured to ensure that all security measures were taken at the location of the shooting.

E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.
The fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger was founded by Eduard Breuninger in 1881 and is now one of Europe's leading multi-channel department stores. In its 140-year history, Bruninger has set high standards for fashion, beauty and lifestyle with its exclusive selection of international designer brands and newcomer brands. Launched in 2008, the online store is one of the most successful online stores in the premium segment and is available to customers in Austria, Switzerland and Poland. In addition to ideas about impeccable styles and trends, Bruninger offers deep customer-oriented: special services, in-house Bespoke Atelier, click and collection and online reservations, in-store ordering service and shuttle service to ensure a great shopping experience, whether online or in person. In Germany and Luxembourg, Bruninger now operates 13 department stores with approximately 6,500 employees. The grand opening of a Bruning department store in Hamburg is planned for 2023.

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Leading Outsourced Employment and Accountancy Specialists Rebrand and Unveil New

Buckinghamshire-based firm Orange Ginny has launched a brand new tax year 2022/2023 with an exciting new launch.

With the new tax year on us, Orange Ginny has unveiled her exciting new look. With a brand new logo and rebrand, and an expanded website for Mills, the firm has become a competitor to competitors and a leader in both employment and accounting markets.

Orange Ginny new logo

Orange Ginny new logo

Business provides an outsourced employment and management services for accountancy specialists, contractors, self-employed professionals and small businesses.

Bound by a superior client experience, Orange Genie understands the needs of its clients, resulting in outsourced employment and accountancy solutions providing absolute satisfaction and assurance.

Dan Moss, chief commercial officer of Orange Genie, shares his joy at the business rebrand and its new, digital-first website.

"We are thrilled to announce our new and improved logo, branding and website," he said.

“Digitization plays a key role in all industries, and we were not only keen to show it, but also to start a new tax year with a fresh look. For many, the new year begins on January 1, but for us it is April 6. "

In order to develop Orange Genie's digital offer, the new website will help ensure a better experience and ease of use for its customers.

Orange Genie Umbrella is a leading provider in the management outsourcing market, consisting of two divisions, where Orange Genie Accountancy is a specialist provider of comprehensive accounting services.

Although the two divisions operate separately, both share the same vision, goals and values ​​as part of the integrated Orange Genie business.

The rebrand and innovative new website comes as the firm focuses on its growth and expansion plans.

With Orange Jenny Umbrella aiming to re-educate the market with its full-service offer, and Orange Ginny Accountancy is starting to target small businesses, this exciting launch could not have come at a better time.

"A new tax year brings a variety of challenges, especially for business owners and those who are self-employed, which is why we've worked so hard to prioritize and improve digitization across businesses," Dan continued.

And, as we embark on a new tax year, businesses, contractors and self-employed professionals continue to enlist the help of established experts - Orange Ginny.

Orange Genie continues to build a network of agencies and clients by developing long-term partnerships with clients, contractors, small businesses and agencies with end-to-end services.

For more information, visit the brand-new website here: Alternatively, contact Orange Genie today by email at [email protected] or call 01296 648 483.

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In Metaverse, speculators follow the states of their virtual dreams

This is 2022. You no longer have to be controlled by physical limitations. Today, you can enter Metavers, live in a virtual body, live in a virtual home, and interact with other incarnations in the world of make-believe. If you are a developer, you can also create new "worlds" that attract visitors and investors ready to spend real money.

According to KUVE-Austin, after spending নিজের 1.2 million of his own money on technology infrastructure, serial entrepreneur Adam Hollander has launched White Sands, a tropical island gateway to Metavers. There are 3,000 NFT lands in the New World where users can build their own empire through Minecraft.


White Sands sold 3,000 NFT plots in just 24 hours, raising $ 4.4 million without a single investor. The new game will now offer 250 pre-built luxury villas available only to current White Sands plot owners in the next few weeks. Or investors can create their own from one of the six templates available in the game.

Agencies are also creating virtual space

In related news, Ad age Looked at 11 companies that have invested in creating space like virtual office

In 2020, Accenture Interactive launched its Nth Floor metaverse space as a virtual campus and began building its capabilities within Microsoft's AltspaceVR.


The purpose of the space is to meet and collaborate with employees - no small feat given that the $ 50 billion company has approximately 700,000 employees worldwide.

According to a statement from Accenture, the space has been used to onboard new employees to feel more "personalized" adaptation. This year, 150,000 new recruits are working from Metaverse on their first day.

Why play agency games

I respect that Accenture and others are looking for solutions to real business problems between the so-called metavers. I admit that understanding the application of virtual real estate is a bit difficult for me (anyone who doesn't play games).

Tom Goodwin Wondering if Twitter is loud "Are we this cruel, this desperate, or this innocent?"

I voted for all of the above. Goodwin further suggests that agencies want to be part of the campaign and can expect some clients to pay $ 250k for a single project as well as get some small PR about how quickly they "get the future".

This obsessive-compulsive need to look wise across marketing, media, and advertising is an obsession. It's not necessarily the best look. Curiosity is good. But it is better if tested by common sense.

Let's test a hallway

Let's hear from some SXSW 2022 participants on NFT, Blockchain and Metaverse.


There is no shame in not knowing my takeaway from the SXSW segment. In fact, Keja MacDonald, a veteran journalist in the gaming space, writes GuardianSays:

Ask 50 people right now what Metaverse means, and you'll get 50 different answers. If there's a metaverse where real and virtual worlds collide, then Instagram is a metaverse: you create an avatar, curate your image, and use it to communicate with other people. However, what everyone seems to agree on is that it is worth the money.

Practical voice will prevail?

McDonald's is big on common sense, and someone looking for the answer, I appreciate it in his report. He is a philosopher and I appreciate it even more.

The current NFT Gold Rush proves that humans will pay thousands of dollars for links to computer-generated monkey JPGs, and indeed it is undermining my faith in humanity. Are we living in a void that makes us feel the need to spend serious money on tokens that prove the ownership of a systematically created image, just to feel part of something?

Lack of gaping, really?

Which hole is it filled with a non-fungible token?

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70% of marketers embrace technology for post-epidemic success, but lack the necessity

  • The new Clevertouch marketing survey reveals that marketers are overwhelmed by the marketing technology at their disposal.
  • 40% of marketing technology is not used, and yet marketers are still buying more.
  • There is a majority push towards the integration of existing technology.
  • Only 10% of organizations are leading skills development and organizational design.

Hampshire, United Kingdom; 11 April 2022: Clevertouch Marketing, Europe's leading marketing technology consultancy and service provider, released its latest survey results in its latest report, The State of Martech 2022.

In partnership with the University of Southampton Business School (SBS), one of the world's top 100 universities (QS World University Rankings 2022), CleverTouch surveyed senior marketers across North America, Europe and the United Kingdom to create an image of the current situation. Marketing technology landscape.

Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp

Key research shows that with the real desire to go digital, budgets are being released for most marketing departments. However, 40% of technology is still unused because three-quarters of marketers admit that they do not have the technological capabilities to achieve digital ambitions. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Adam Sharp, CEO of Clevertouch, commented: “What strikes me as interesting is the level of unused, unneeded Martek that exists today and is still the focus of most marketing companies to acquire more Martek. CMOs are adding instead of simplifying their burden and the vast majority are almost completely ignoring the education and design of the organization. So if you are a CMO who is considering fighting for talent, skills development, adoption metrics and company design, you have done well, you are a rare breed. ”

The Martech State also works to launch the Martech Success Framework, a new approach to managing organizational change. Clevertouch's Director of Consultancy, Jamie Barrell, further explains: “Clevertouch's Martech Success Framework provides marketers with a way to effectively bring about change across the organization. It ignores marketing technology projects, considering all aspects of change, including organizational design and development, to ensure long-term success, widespread adoption and ultimately ROI. "

CleverTouch's 2020/1 report highlights that only 30% of marketers have integrated technology with their marketing strategies, this year's survey reveals further progress.

You can download the report on the Clevertouch website here:


About Clevertouch Marketing:
CleverTouch Marketing is Europe's leading Martek software and service provider, B2B Marketing Consulting Partner of the Year, a recognized 3-star best company for outstanding employee employment, and one of the Sunday Times' top 100 companies to work on in the last three. Ongoing year.

Created by marketers with Martek in mind, Clevertouch aims to help clients understand their martech investments and prove ROI. Clevertouch pioneered the concept of 'The Martech Spine', primarily based on marketing automation and the marketing cloud platform.

Clevertouch has supported more than 500 Blue Chip and aspiring clients, including Aveva, Atos, Fujitsu and Shell, on their Martek voyage, the only Marketo Platinum partner in Europe, Salesforce Silver Partner and Seismic's first strategic partner in EMEA.

For more information, please see

For more information, please contact: Roseanna Lane, CommsCo [email protected]

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Why are adult men allowed to marry younger girls?

Sounds like 1822 news, not 2022, Tennessee lawmakers will vote today to remove the age barrier to marriage. 24 Tennessee Republicans are sponsoring House Bill 233. Current Tennessee law says you can marry at age 17 if your parents consent.

The minimum age for marriage has been set in the absence of federal law, with several states declaring child marriage illegal, but the practice is still technically valid in 44 states. As a result, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), between 2000 and 2018, about 300,000 children were married in the United States, which defines child marriage as any marriage where at least one party is under 18 years of age.

In Nigeria, the problem is even worse

Child marriage is an epidemic that has spread to countries like Nigeria, where at least 22 million child brides live today. To raise awareness of this heinous practice, the SAGE Foundation has launched a new campaign featuring a short film produced by Yasa Khan of Camp Productions and edited by Sam Hopkins, editor-in-chief of the engine.


Filmed in Lagos, the film depicts young girls with these traumatic and widespread problems. These child brides, all of whom became mothers before the age of 18, want to continue their education, but instead feel responsible for a child they do not know how to raise.

As part of the campaign, SAGE is launching a groundbreaking petition to change the law and ban child marriage in Nigeria. The petition, hosted by and launched in partnership with young activists, It's Never Your Fault, aimed at reaching 500,000 signatures.

The number of children in forced marriages is alarming. According to an investigative report by the International Center, in Lagos State, one of the most developed regions in Nigeria —44% of girls are married off before their 16th birthday.

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Upstream to show you how to build your e-shop audience and increase your revenue

  • Check upstream's booth number. Learn how marketing automation can turn website visitors into customers and drive sales through integrated on-site campaigns and triggered messaging at 12 VTEX DAY 2022
  • How a world-renowned jewelry brand secured an 18x ROI on their respective marketing costs and saved 10.5% of 'Abandoned Cart' revenue

Sao Paulo, Athens, April 11, 2022 - Mobile marketing expert Upstream will showcase its award-winning marketing automation solutions that will help hundreds of companies engage their online audience, grow their e-shop customers and drive their revenue, at the VTEX DAY, Sao Paulo Expo in Brazil. April 12-13. With over 22,000 visitors and 190 industry insiders, VTEX DAY is Latin America's largest event for digital transformation. Event visitors can meet upstream at booth number. 12 and discover how the company's marketing automation solutions that combine site promotions and triggered messaging mobiles can turn anonymous website visitors into subscribers and increase sales.

VTEX Day 2022

VTEX Day 2022

Upstream's unique solution combines marketing technology with mobile technology to create an opt-in customer base for an e-commerce business by collecting the phone numbers of 35% of e-shop visitors over a 6-month period, as well as an address. The biggest problem with e-commerce is the abandonment of carts, when a customer leaves shopping at the last step.

Patrick Marquart, head of Enterprise Sales Brazil at Upstream, said: "Our recent data shows that using SMS recovery for cart recovery can increase sales by 70% over e-mail. Overall, the campaigns we run prove that retargeting a customer who has already interacted with your brand via their mobile multiplies your online sales skills. We are excited to be here to meet retailers, their CMOs and sales experts in all industries and share our know-how, strategies and solutions that enable Brazilian marketers to increase their marketing opt-in base, increase sales and solve Can help. Abandoned cars are a perennial problem. "

Upstream technology has already been established by one of the world's largest jewelry brands and has achieved outstanding results. Using Upstream's on-site campaign tool, the jewelry retailer has been able to capture visitors' phone numbers at various stages of the customer journey. Thus, they were able to trigger automated messages, including SMS, which were delivered directly to users' mobile devices so that they could complete their purchases. The campaign achieved a significant 18x ​​return on investment (ROI) and a 10.5% revenue recovery that would otherwise have been lost. The win-back strategy included two abandoned cart reminders with personalized retargeting messages.

With offices in both Sওo Paulo and Rio, Upstream has had a steady presence in Brazil since 2008 serving the country's leading mobile operators and more recently brands and other organizations (education, banks, the federal sector) as well as mobile marketing purposes.

For nearly ten years, VTEX DAY has brought together retailers, marketers and brands to share their experiences from their digital journey and to discuss the issues they face. Participants learn about the latest solutions to tackle challenges that affect the industry in order to accelerate their digital transformation. This year's keynote address will be delivered by Sir Lewis Hamilton.


About upstream
Upstream is a leading technology company in the field of mobile marketing in the world's most important emerging market. Its mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, combines innovation in the field of multi-channel digital communication with its kind of unique, marketing automation and data, protection from online advertising fraud and creating a personalized experience for end consumers. With over 4,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns, Upstream Team helps its customers, leading brands around the world, communicate more effectively with their customers, increase digital sales and increase their revenue. Upstream Solutions targets 1.2 billion customers in more than 45 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Please contact for details:
Chevan Ceresinhe
Sonus PR for upstream
E: [email protected]
P: +44 20 3751 0330

Sophia Marino
Upstream Corporate Communications
E: [email protected]
[email protected]
P: +30210 6618532 +30210 6618507

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Keep the bustrop boring – adpalp

Bastrop County is a fast-growing neighborhood in Travis County বাড়ি home to Austin, University of Texas, State Capital, Austin FC, Austin City Limits, Oracle, Tesla, etc. Bastrop Tesler's new world headquarters and direct downriver from the car factory.

When Elon Musk moved from California to Texas, his boring company quickly set up shop in rural Bastrop County and currently has a permit to drill 500 feet below State Highway 1209. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Discussions are underway on how the company will build a Tesla manufacturing plant, an airport and a tunnel in central Austin. Like most of Mask’s projects, the approach is great. And like most of his projects, his teams are moving fast and breaking things - in this case, the law (see video for details).


In response, "Keep Bastrop Boring" is a new community campaign by Chap Ambrose, a full-stack, user-centric developer and local landowner since 2013. As a neighbor of the boring company's new test center, he has been directly influenced by the company's decision, legitimate and otherwise.

Ambrose is raising his own money to publicly embarrass Elon Musk and the company for failing to be a good neighbor. The delivery mechanism is a billboard where employees of the boring company turn left on Highway 71 to reach their new facility. Placement ensures that the message meets its intended audience, as well as conveys the word to local residents like me.

Ambrose's immediate concern is with groundwater. On the campaign website, he writes, “Their plan shows tunneling 1,500 feet above the Lower Colorado River, where we have a very shallow water table and virtually all sand and gravel. Every family in the area has a home in the well water, all the neighbors drink this water and many depend on it as part of their small business. "

"If Elon is going to prototype the world's fastest tunneling operation around me, I hope the most innovative and transparent security system will be by his side," he added. "I want sensors around each tunnel that release public data on water quality and any potential retention. I want a red team onsite with the transparency tunneling crew. "

I spoke to Ambrose on the phone today. She said she was "thinking generationally" and that her inspiration was to protect family land and territory for her children. In a separate but related move, Ambrose has set up a new 501 (c) (3) nonprofit to help raise funds for local county parks.

Ambrose said there are currently 25 housing developments in the books in Bastrop County and he is working to preserve some open and wild areas before being snatched by developers. Bastrop County has no budget for county parks.

I asked Ambrose if his message had reached Mask and his men. "I know they talked to the sheriff about what I was doing," he said. This. They also read my posts on Reddit. "If Ambrose got a chance to speak directly to Mask, he said he would ask him to apply higher standards.

“I support positive development,” he stressed. "Some of my neighbors think the 'Keep Bastrop Boring' message is very positive and they don't want stickers," he said.

The billboard will go down tomorrow, April 14th. Ambrose said he would continue to come up with new ways to inform the public and he welcomed the help of other concerned citizens.

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OT cybersecurity provider TXOne Network has expanded its presence in Europe

Taipei / Eindhoven, April 13, 2022 - TXOne Networks, a global leader in ICS and industrial IoT (IIoT) security, strengthens its presence and expands its team in Europe. With the new team and a new office on Eindhoven's high-tech campus (HT5), the fast-growing company will expand its channel activities and customer support across Europe.

Founded in 2019 as a joint venture between Trend Micro and Moxar, TXOne Network has evolved into a separate brand with a focus on ICS / IIoT cybersecurity solutions adapted to the OT (Operational Technology) environment. The company pioneered the concept of "OT Zero Trust Cybersecurity" to protect its customers' critical IT infrastructure and the industrial environment from cyber threats. To further enhance its customer service and solutions portfolio in Europe, TXOne Network is building a dedicated channel and marketing team for the region.

Christoph Strauven

Christoph Strauven

Christoph Strawen has strengthened his regional management team with TXOne Network's Business Development Director Europe, Dmitry Dutron as Channel Director Europe and Kurt Vanderhagen as Marketing Director Europe. Both trends come to the TXOne network from the Micro Benelux team. They will be joined by Dmitry Bellotchkin as Technical Director Europe.

"Our European team is growing. In the last month we have hired six new tech and sales specialists and the journey continues. This is further evidence of the region's growing importance and TXOne's great commitment to supporting its customers in the European market, "explained Christoph Straven, Director of Business Development.

"As the boundaries between information technology and operational technology (OT) become blurred, it has become difficult for companies to find OT security solutions that ensure the cyber security of tools while supporting the smooth operation of work site tools. TXOne networks accurately focus on this important interface and The unique 'OT Zero Trust' approach ensures the reliability and security of ICS and the OT environment. I am delighted that our new European team will support us in our growth. Important for, ”commented Dr. Terrence Liu, CEO of TXOne Network.

TXOne Networks recommends an "OT Zero Trust" approach to protecting the operational environment, which consists of three stages: segmenting networks, scanning inbound and mobile assets with a portable quick-scan device, and end-to-end protective solutions with type Securing points (inherited or modernized).

The new TXOne Network Europe team is launching a strong presence at industry events such as the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, ​​SPS Italy in Parma, Hanover Messe and Lille FIC.

Images of this press release can be found here:

Image is available in AP Images (

About TXOne Network
At TXOne Networks, we offer practical cybersecurity solutions to ensure reliability and security from cyber attacks in the industrial world, in order to protect industry control systems. As a subsidiary of Trend Micro, we work with leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop the best working practices using that feedback and research. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure OT network and mission critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner.

TXOne Network Marketing Communication Europe
[email protected]

Public relations agency
Globalcom PR-Network GmbH
Martin Uffman
[email protected]
+49 69 360373-41

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General Z gamers explore the metavars, find it to their liking

VICE Media and Razorfish recently surveyed Gen Z gamers and found that they spend twice as much time chatting with friends on Metaverse as in real life. Survey respondents spend 12.2 hours per week playing video games versus 6.6 hours chatting privately with friends.

These gamers see their time in Metaverse not only as pure escapism, but also as an extension of real life. Significantly, 57% of General Z gamers think they are able to express themselves more openly to others in the game than in real life.

As marketers (and teachers, parents, employers, and others) grasp this new environment with understanding, General Z is already growing with it; It's not foreign or future for them - it is Is Their reality, especially for gamers.

The main results of the Razorfish study revealed that:

  • Metaverse gives gamers space to explore their identities.
    • 45% of Z gamers say, "I think my identity in a game reveals the truth about who I am." Forty percent say it gives them confidence.
  • Stress relief is a major driver.
    • 77% of Z gamers say that the biggest purpose of their gaming is to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • General Z is approaching Metavers with practicality.
    • 47% want to use it to meet new people and 33% want to use it to build a career.
  • Data privacy is a concern for General Z gamers, but less so than the older generation.
    • 63% of Gen Z are concerned about data privacy in video games and metavers (vs. 66% Millennials and 70% Gen X).

"Our research shows that Gen Z uses metavers to build connections and explore who they really are," said Julie Orbit, Global SVP, Insight of VICE Media Group. "It allows them to dream and create a more ideal version of the world."

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360Learning challenges businesses to turn in-house experts into growth drivers

  • New campaign calls for rejection of old top-down learning and development in favor of collaborative education of entrepreneurs
  • As companies spend billions on retraining workers in the wake of the epidemic and the Great Reintegration, platforms like 360Learning are proposing a fundamental shift from inside to enhancing skills with collaborative learning.
  • The brand new video for the promotion was created by award-winning creative agency Sandwich and American filmmaker Seth Worley, showing how education makes people happier and more focused at work.

New York, Paris and London, April 14: 360Learning, the global collaborative learning SaaS leader, is launching its #UpskillFromWithin campaign today to challenge entrepreneurs to recognize and collaborate on talent within their own ranks.

As industries are rapidly evolving and many businesses around the world continue to suffer as a result of The Great Regeneration, companies are spending billions upon billions to retrain their workforce through traditional, top-down and off-the-shelf initiatives.

But the goal of the #UpskillfromWithin campaign is to show businesses that the secret to high growth comes from within, especially downward, through peer-driven learning and development courses.

While traditional corporate education often sees spending too much money on outside consultants who work on generic antique templates for re-learning, the #UpskillfromWithin campaign highlights how bespoke peer-to-peer collaborative learning empowers people. . Additionally, by giving employees the technology to create and improve courses, they are more likely to invest in the business and feel invested in it - which leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction.

The #UpskillfromWithin campaign also showcases the benefits of platforms like 360Learning that encourage quick learning between teams, Effective, and relevant training that helps employees become more productive and effective in the workplace.

Transferring the workforce to a growth mentality

By encouraging companies to empower their employees through effective skills training, businesses can shift their workforce to a growth mindset and enable their employees to develop the skills needed to meet today's challenges. Instead of a rigorous re-learning plan, decades-long career paths and an ever-outdated skills matrix that takes years and millions of dollars to implement, the 360Learning platform enables students to build their own skills, create courses in 17 minutes and share knowledge everywhere. Business.

In addition to the campaign, the collaborative learning platform is launching a brand new video made with award-winning creative company Sandwich and US film director Seth Worley. Sandwich and Worley's unique and humane approach to brand videos is briefly aligned with Peer-First's description of 360Learning. The results video shows how education makes people happier and more focused in the workplace and by using more collaborative learning platforms, businesses can unlock sparks in their employees.

The new campaign follows in the footsteps of the recent success of 360Learning, which counts more than 1,700 subscribers worldwide, including LVMH, Aircall, Toyota and Appen, who have created more than 3 million courses ranging from onboard employee onboarding and software training. Salesmanship, leadership training and soft skills. The company recently completed the first acquisition of the UK's top-rated and top-rated Learning Management System (LMS) loop to usher in a new era of collaborative learning.

Says Nick Hernandez, founder and CEO of 360Learning: “As the shockwave of The Great Regression is being felt and many industries are having to adapt to a new general post-epidemic, we have seen many businesses shake up their workers for re-skills. Today we challenge their #UpskillfromWithin by eliminating the old, top-down and prescriptive corporate education models of their past and choosing collaborative education instead. By placing a learning and development position at the center of the company and providing employees with the effortless learning and learning technology from each other, any business can become a high-growth business in a short period of time. "

JP Boles, VP of Sandwich Creative: “360Learning is about collaborative learning, helping companies tap into knowledge that already exists in your team. And while working on this project we have actually been able to feel the power of collaborative learning. We realized that we all had our own stories about the workplace that had a top-down sort of approach and how tragic it was. By sharing those real-life experiences, we were able to create a video that seemed relevant and fun and entertaining. "

The end

Harry Ashcroft / [email protected]

About 360Learning:
360Learning enables education and development teams to drive culture and growth through collaborative learning. Our learning platform combines collaborative tools with the power of an LMS, enabling high-growth firms to unlock learning based on collective skills rather than top-down knowledge. 360Learning is the easiest way to onboard new employees, train customer-oriented teams, and develop professional skills - all in one place. To learn more, visit