Customer ‘retargeting’ sales in mobile driving have increased 100-fold, the new release ৷

Automatic retargeting via mobile can enhance campaign efficiency while protecting against spam

Athens, March 17, 2022 – According to the latest data from upstream mobile marketing experts, ‘retargeting’ is ten times more likely to result in an order or other positive engagement than an initial contact with a customer who has already communicated with a brand through mobile. The improvement is even greater, almost 100 times, if the retargeting of the mobile marketing campaign takes place on the same day that the customers are initially involved with the brand.

Reducing messaging spam

Reducing messaging spam

These results were based on a real-world campaign set up on the upstream Martek platform ‘Grow’. The award-winning platform is being set up by MNOs and brands around the world, including one of Brazil’s largest mobile operators serving more than 45 million customers.

Data shows that brands are able to dynamically reconnect with potential customers as they see dramatic improvements in their mobile marketing campaigns. The goal of mobile retargeting is to capture customers who have shown interest in a brand’s product or service, for example, joining a website or going through a purchase process but abandoning the order before completing it.

Chrisa Caramanidi, Upstream’s Chief Innovation Officer, said: “The unique data we extract from Grow gives marketers an effective insight into how to fine-tune their campaigns in a rapidly evolving digital marketing environment.” The ability to dynamically target and retarget potential customers using effective automation processes is becoming the key to unlocking marketing success. “

According to data released by Upstream today, campaign efficiency (sum of orders divided by number of impressions) increases by 90 percent compared to manual retargeting of the same day by automation. From the initial ‘bounce’ from a website to the next step, like the payment step, the user automatically sets the volume of follow-up messages based on where the user has moved from ‘Spamming’ to ‘Grow’. Automatic retargeting by Grow requires about half the messages (-47 percent) sent to the user to achieve the same result.

Combining viewer management, automation, channel orchestration, insight and analysis, security and a creative studio on a single platform, Upstream unveiled Grow in 2021. Brands across multiple sectors such as telecom, education, insurance, banking and retailers are deploying Grow for successful multichannel campaigns.


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