In a new report, more than two-thirds of business leaders view digital as one

  • C-Suite research reveals that businesses need constant evolution and repetition to achieve digital success
  • More than two-thirds (68%) no longer think in terms of ‘transformation’ but think of constant evolution in order to embrace change.
  • The balance of technology, digital and culture is not mature, with 42% less likely to see digital transformation as a fundamental change in the first-person business.
  • The potential of marketing to transform the digital experience is not being used to its full potential: nearly half are unable to focus on continuous improvement

London, 26 May 2022 – A new report from Netcel, Optimizely and Siteimprove shows that senior business leaders are no longer thinking about digital transformation. Instead, more than two-thirds (68%) are moving towards continuous evolution and repetition to embrace change, suggesting that digital evolution could replace digital transformation as a more efficient way for businesses to adapt to today’s ever-evolving commercial landscape. .

The research, conducted by independent research firm London Research, asked more than 300 C-Suite executives about their attitude towards digital transformation and how it relates to their business.

From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest

From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest

The results, published today in ‘From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the Quickest’, show that business has entered a time when it is not enough to think in terms of digital transformation. Instead, companies need to achieve a state of constant evolution and gain endless awareness of technology – customer behavior and the changing – and responsive – competitive environment.

Original survey results
The report found that in a rapidly changing world, many organizations do not have a shared vision for what businesses and customers should achieve in their digital experience and are struggling to keep up with the pace of change: lack of skills, lack of insight, arbitrary decision making. , And experimentation is not encouraged in a comprehensive, comprehensible, or systematic way. Additional survey results include:

Everything is digital: A significant number of respondents abandoned the idea of ​​’digital’ as something different from the rest of the business, with two-thirds (64%) saying that what they do is digital.

Digital transformation is a state of readiness: Digital-first businesses are less likely to see digital transformation as a fundamental organizational change (42%) than offline businesses (50%). Combined with their enthusiasm for Web 3.0, more than half of these digital-first businesses view digital transformation as less of a journey with a defined endpoint and as a preparation for what some technology may throw at them later.

More opportunities for marketing and Martek to enhance the digital experience: The survey found that marketing potential is not being used to its full potential to transform the digital experience, with nearly half of respondents saying they are unable to focus on continuous improvement. 66% of respondents said that their marketing technology enables them to tailor and personalize the digital experience for individuals or departments, yet 44% think that their marketing technology would benefit from greater development and 34% do not have a stack of marketing technology that is seamless. Assembled in such a way that breaks the organizational silo.

“The passage of time has shown that while digital transformation can be successful in creating short-term victories, digital transformation alone is the first step towards real digital excellence. Instead, to achieve true and sustainable digital excellence, digital transformation must follow the highly complex and ongoing process of digital evolution. This report provides impressive insights into how organizations are evolving and reshaping themselves to create high-performing digital experiences in the long run, ”said Tim Perfit, CEO of Netsell, a digital product consultant.

Dom Graveson commented, “Over the past two decades, Digital has proven itself to be the theater for the most exciting, innovative and disruptive commercial and social enterprises in how we shop, connect, build relationships, become more efficient and grow our business.” “, Netsel’s director of experience and strategy. “After years of discussing the concept of digital transformation as a strategic goal to enable these benefits, this report is designed to capture the temperature of where we stand in 2022. It asks how far we’ve come, whether we feel ready for an uncertain, dynamic and exciting future, and most importantly, where we go to discover, create and optimize the diverse digital product experience that benefits our customers and audiences, our companies. And our wider environment. “

Research has also shown that respondents feel that technology is not widely considered to prepare for the challenges ahead: systems struggle with shared data, analysis and single customer perspectives. Integration is a problem, and the evolution and rollout of enterprise architecture can be a challenge. After all, martech is often owned by the IT department, which may lack the collaboration with the marketing, front-line services and data and insights team.

“While the digital landscape continues to evolve due to changing consumer behavior, companies must adopt new marketing strategies to keep pace with the digital evolution. Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their lives, “said Shane Palladin, CEO of Siteimprove. “Our main goal at Siteimprove is to help marketers meet their goals at every stage of their digital maturity, constantly evolving and advancing. By creating a richer, deeper, more complete digital experience, we are part of a movement towards an Internet that is made for everyone. ”

“The report confirms that digital conversion is an old mentality for marketers. Marketing is a destination but not a journey. Successful marketing organizations must be prepared for the journey of continuous improvement and adaptability or they will fall behind, “said Kevin Bobsky, CMIO of Siteimprove.

Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, comments, “Our results draw a clear conclusion for many who see their digital transformation as complete: in fact, businesses often speak only of systems and processes that reflect rather than broad organizational and cultural integration. True and sustainable digital maturity. In other words, many businesses are not truly ‘digital’ but ‘digitized’.

The study, conducted by the independent think tank London Research, in March and April 2022, asked more than 300 C-Suite executives about their attitudes towards digital transformation and how it relates to their business.

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Editors note

To get a copy of the report, or for more information or an interview, please contact:
Kate Gordon, Bright Spark PR for Netsell
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Reporting method
The report is based on a survey by London Research of more than 300 client-side business respondents responsible for digital development, with annual revenues of at least 50 million. The survey was conducted in March and April 2022. At the same time, London also conducted multiple interviews with research consultants and practitioners.

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