Leading Outsourced Employment and Accountancy Specialists Rebrand and Unveil New

Buckinghamshire-based firm Orange Ginny has launched a brand new tax year 2022/2023 with an exciting new launch.

With the new tax year on us, Orange Ginny has unveiled her exciting new look. With a brand new logo and rebrand, and an expanded website for Mills, the firm has become a competitor to competitors and a leader in both employment and accounting markets.

Orange Ginny new logo

Orange Ginny new logo

Business provides an outsourced employment and management services for accountancy specialists, contractors, self-employed professionals and small businesses.

Bound by a superior client experience, Orange Genie understands the needs of its clients, resulting in outsourced employment and accountancy solutions providing absolute satisfaction and assurance.

Dan Moss, chief commercial officer of Orange Genie, shares his joy at the business rebrand and its new, digital-first website.

“We are thrilled to announce our new and improved logo, branding and website,” he said.

“Digitization plays a key role in all industries, and we were not only keen to show it, but also to start a new tax year with a fresh look. For many, the new year begins on January 1, but for us it is April 6. “

In order to develop Orange Genie’s digital offer, the new website will help ensure a better experience and ease of use for its customers.

Orange Genie Umbrella is a leading provider in the management outsourcing market, consisting of two divisions, where Orange Genie Accountancy is a specialist provider of comprehensive accounting services.

Although the two divisions operate separately, both share the same vision, goals and values ​​as part of the integrated Orange Genie business.

The rebrand and innovative new website comes as the firm focuses on its growth and expansion plans.

With Orange Jenny Umbrella aiming to re-educate the market with its full-service offer, and Orange Ginny Accountancy is starting to target small businesses, this exciting launch could not have come at a better time.

“A new tax year brings a variety of challenges, especially for business owners and those who are self-employed, which is why we’ve worked so hard to prioritize and improve digitization across businesses,” Dan continued.

And, as we embark on a new tax year, businesses, contractors and self-employed professionals continue to enlist the help of established experts – Orange Ginny.

Orange Genie continues to build a network of agencies and clients by developing long-term partnerships with clients, contractors, small businesses and agencies with end-to-end services.

For more information, visit the brand-new website here: https://www.orangegenie.com Alternatively, contact Orange Genie today by email at [email protected] or call 01296 648 483.

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