Leo Burnett gets four Grand Cleos for their gun control work

About 193,000 children and adolescents have been killed by gunfire on American soil since 1963According to the Child Protection Fund, the combined war in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq has killed more than four times as many US troops.

According to the gun control advocacy group Change the Ref, 3,044 more students did not graduate last year alone because they were killed by gunfire.

I find it difficult to write the next sentence after being destroyed by the destructive information of life published above.

In what kind of world are children killed regularly?

Change the ref is changing the score

Change the Ref was started by Manuel and Patricia Oliver in memory of their son Joaquin, who was shot at Parkland High School.

At last night’s Cleo Awards ceremony, Manuel left the house in tears, urging advertisers to use their influence to prevent gun violence: “The advertising industry is the most powerful force because you can change the future by telling the truth.”

I have deceived myself

Last year, Change the Ref Leo Barnett worked with Chicago’s former NRA president, David Keane, and prominent economist and gun lawyer, John Lotte, to speak at the graduation ceremony of the James Madison Academy in Las Vegas, NV.

Ironically, these people who have dedicated their lives to checking the opposing background, if they had managed one here, would have learned that JMA was a fictional organization created by Leo Burnett’s team.

Lott later said it was his first graduation speech and he planned to talk about life advice, not politics, but organizers insisted he would talk about gun rights. After attending the “rehearsal”, he received a call that graduation had been canceled, and had never been heard from the organizers.

Lot told KSNV in Las Vegas that he did not realize the speech was fake until news sites began calling him for comment.

22 trophies for brutal truth

For their efforts, Leo Barnett took four Grand Cleos in Chicago print, live, experience / activation, and integrated promotion. In total, the work has won 22 trophies this cycle.

Seeing empty chairs in a case where happy graduates would otherwise be a strong demonstration of the core problem. We can only care so much about the real purpose of the Second Amendment when children are shot and killed in our schools, in movie theaters, in concerts.

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