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Leo Burnett gets four Grand Cleos for their gun control work

About 193,000 children and adolescents have been killed by gunfire on American soil since 1963According to the Child Protection Fund, the combined war in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq has killed more than four times as many US troops.

According to the gun control advocacy group Change the Ref, 3,044 more students did not graduate last year alone because they were killed by gunfire.

I find it difficult to write the next sentence after being destroyed by the destructive information of life published above.

In what kind of world are children killed regularly?

Change the ref is changing the score

Change the Ref was started by Manuel and Patricia Oliver in memory of their son Joaquin, who was shot at Parkland High School.

At last night's Cleo Awards ceremony, Manuel left the house in tears, urging advertisers to use their influence to prevent gun violence: "The advertising industry is the most powerful force because you can change the future by telling the truth."


I have deceived myself

Last year, Change the Ref Leo Barnett worked with Chicago's former NRA president, David Keane, and prominent economist and gun lawyer, John Lotte, to speak at the graduation ceremony of the James Madison Academy in Las Vegas, NV.

Ironically, these people who have dedicated their lives to checking the opposing background, if they had managed one here, would have learned that JMA was a fictional organization created by Leo Burnett's team.


Lott later said it was his first graduation speech and he planned to talk about life advice, not politics, but organizers insisted he would talk about gun rights. After attending the "rehearsal", he received a call that graduation had been canceled, and had never been heard from the organizers.

Lot told KSNV in Las Vegas that he did not realize the speech was fake until news sites began calling him for comment.

22 trophies for brutal truth

For their efforts, Leo Barnett took four Grand Cleos in Chicago print, live, experience / activation, and integrated promotion. In total, the work has won 22 trophies this cycle.


Seeing empty chairs in a case where happy graduates would otherwise be a strong demonstration of the core problem. We can only care so much about the real purpose of the Second Amendment when children are shot and killed in our schools, in movie theaters, in concerts.

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Five years after EU antitrust fines, more than half of UK Google shopping ads

An analysis by SearchMetrics suggests that Google has stopped trying to increase competition in Google Shopping in the UK since Brexit left the European Union.

Five years after the European Commission fined Google 2.4 billion euros (2.65 billion) and ordered it to open its Google Shopping service in Europe for external competition, a new study found that about 53% of ads on UK platforms still originate from Google itself - 2019 Increased from about 49% in the year. SearchMetrics research indicates that after Brexit, Google is no longer trying to increase competition in its shopping platforms in the UK.

Advertising on Google Shopping in the UK in 2022

Advertising on Google Shopping in the UK in 2022

After all, the research suggests that the majority of external participants in Google Shopping are not actually actual comparison-shopping service providers intended to benefit from Google's move. Many marketing companies have emerged after the fine of Google. They sell ads on the platform's auction system, giving Google a margin and increasing competition.

Google's shopping platform displays product ads in search results related to specific products that people are searching for. In its 2017 antitrust action, the EU has ruled that Google is giving itself an unfair advantage by promoting its own ads on platforms from competing shopping websites that allow consumers to compare different products and prices when making conscious purchasing decisions.

A recent study by SearchMetrics reviewed more than one million Google Shopping ad units across the UK and Germany to analyze how well it is complying with the EU's call for greater competition on the Google platform.

Comparing the results with previous research, SearchMetrics concludes that Google initially sought to increase foreign participation in the UK to some extent. But since Brexit, its efforts seem to have waned.

Lillian Hass, CMO of SearchMetrics, explains: “Our data shows that Google accounted for around 68% of UK shopping ads in 2018. And in line with the EU's call for increased competition, it was reduced to 51% by 2019. However, since Brexit happened, Google's advertising share in the UK has begun to rise again, reaching 53% in 2022 so far. The trend clearly shows that after Brexit, the EU Commission's demand for more competition no longer applies to UK search results.

In fact, there are signs that there is less real competition in Google Shopping. According to the data, 47% of shopping ads in the UK that are not placed directly through Google, only 19% actually come from competing price comparison websites who were the objective beneficiaries of the EU's move. The rest (28%) are mainly from performance marketing agencies that sell ads in a shopping platform auction system that gives Google a margin.

Google's solution to the lack of competition is open participation for comparative shopping services (CSS) who can participate in online auctions by bidding against Google for ad position on shopping platforms. These external providers may accept bids for advertisements from online merchants who wish to appear in Google Shopping.

But according to SearchMetrics, although some CSS providers are actual comparative websites, most are performance marketing agencies who offer comparative shopping services in name only. Many were formed in 2017 after Google was fined And while they can run comparative shopping portals, they only list products sold by merchants whose bids they manage on the Google Shopping Auction system - which means they are largely irrelevant to actual comparable purchases. In fact, their only job is to show Google that the shopping ads are displayed by themselves from other publishers.

"Even at face value, Google has opened up Google Shopping ads to external suppliers, these comparison-shopping portals themselves offer negligible user value," said Haase.

According to SearchMetrics analysis, the top 20 CSS partners in the UK have negligible organic search traffic, which supports the view that their primary job is not to actually sell ads on Google Shopping, and to help consumers find products.

The study suggests that 33.6% of Google shopping ads in Germany still come from Google, down from about 50% in 2019 (and 67% in 2018). So, in Germany, Google seems to be working to reduce its own participation However, the same problem exists as in the UK. External ads come from CSS partners, 41.5% of which are paid through agencies and only 24.9% of the actual value comes from comparative websites who also act as CSS partners.

The search metrics study, 'Understanding Google Shopping Ads in 2022', can be downloaded here:


About the study
The study analyzed search results and Google Shopping ads that appeared for a database of shopping-related keywords. The keyword set was defined based on common product categories and search terms. Keywords that were internally associated with a specific retailer or the place of purchase of those products were filtered out, as were branded keywords. The move is aimed at avoiding any unfair bias against a particular retailer. (Example "Best Bluetooth Headphones" vs. "Amazon Best Headphones")

The overall search volume and number of keywords are broadly divided into product categories for the keyword. For the UK, 650,000 shopping ads and 280,000 organic results were analyzed. 400,000 and 240,000 organic results were analyzed for Germany.

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