Rows announce a triple user growth following desktop applications beta launch and bold.

  • Supported by Lakestar, Accel, and Cherry Ventures, the beta version of the Rows app for Windows and MacOS is now live – the next iPad is coming
  • Sari recently launched a marketing campaign headlining the plastering of two provocative billboards outside Microsoft and Google headquarters – signups have emerged after a bold move.
  • Full feature parity of desktop apps with rows of web apps will be achieved by the end of the year, with significant user growth expected.

Berlin, 22nd March 2022: Row – Next Generation Spreadsheet for Business, backed by Lexter, Excel, and Cherry Ventures – today announced the beta launch of the Rose app for Windows and MacOS, with an upcoming iPad version coming.

Row has tripled its users over the past few months, with the company expecting further growth as it builds a roadmap for its products. The goal is to achieve full feature parity with the web version of the app by the end of the year.

Row upon row of billboards outside Microsoft Office

Row upon row of billboards outside Microsoft Office

The news comes after its $ 16m fundraising announcement and the launch of a daring marketing campaign: it may not have starred Frances McDormand or Sam Rockwell, but the story of the two billboards plastered near the US headquarters of Microsoft and Google is controversial. The billboard reads: “Dear Microsoft, your spreadsheet has been around for 36 years. Now it’s time to retire. We’ll take it from here” and “Dear Google, your spreadsheet is from 2006. Nokia 6070 and so on. It’s time to make an upgrade.”

Branded as the next generation spreadsheet for the business, Rows is making a bold statement that it is ready to challenge the market dominance of the old incumbents and shake up an industry that has been stagnant for 15 years. With Excel and Google Sheets, the company claims excellence for its sleek design (no need to embellish spreadsheets), seamless third-party integration (all data can be accessed in one place), advanced automation features, and revolutionary live. The ability to share.

Sari co-founder and CEO, Humberto Ayres Pereira, commented: “Let’s face it. Sucking spreadsheets. The business world is still on them but they are slowing us down. Sari is bringing her favorite spreadsheet to the modern work world. “

“We created the product focusing on three key areas: design, integration and collaboration. Row users don’t need to embellish their spreadsheets with our flashy designs and they can easily add the data they need from other business tools and platforms. Another highlight of the product is our live sharing functionality, which makes the first universal spreadsheet platform. People can publish their spreadsheets to see the world and get inspired Our integration and live sharing functionality is easily the biggest revision of spreadsheets from Google Sheets. “

Humberto has teamed up with co-founder Torben Schulz to empower people with better data access and clear documents that encourage smart decisions. The product currently offers more than 40 integrations with business tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter, Stripe, Salesforce and public databases like Crunchbase or LinkedIn. Users can even integrate custom APIs without add-ons, scripts or code.

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About the row:
Rows are spreadsheets with superpowers. Its cloud platform-based spreadsheets allow teams to own and automate their workflows by creating apps and tools directly from the sheet. The platform has strong functionality such as integration and publishing that is not offered by existing spreadsheet tools, eliminating barriers to accessing users without programming experience. Rows has offices in Berlin and Porto and is supported by Lexter, Axel and Cherry Ventures.

Any user and a team of any size can create an account and start using the free queue. Row has a tiered price model. Find out more about subscription plans here:

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