The song Happy Greetings tells voters to kill “Republicans in name only.”

In a new campaign video, Eric Greatens, a former Missouri governor who is now running for the U.S. Senate, tells Missouri voters, “Get Rhino hunting permits. There are no bagging limits, no tagging limits, and it won’t expire until we protect our country.” . “

That’s right, he wants to kill people in his own party who are not ideologically pure, people who have perished because of their blind allegiance to the great leader, who is everything.

Grittens was elected governor of Missouri in 2016, but he resigned less than two years after allegations of sexual harassment and blackmailing a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair.

GOP radicals are ready to eat their own

Hours after former Missouri Governor Eric Greatens released a video of himself targeting members of the Republican Party whom he does not consider conservative enough, the Republican floor leader of the Missouri state Senate said he had contacted law enforcement.

“There’s violence in the future, I’m going to tell you,” Adam Kinzinger, a U.S. representative from Illinois, told ABC News. “And unless we find a way to tell people the truth, we can’t expect anything different.” Kinzinger has received death threats. He recently said Shared one on Twitter which was addressed to his wife. In it, Parp threatens to kill his entire family.

According to Wapo The editorial board said, “GOP leaders have refused to confront and condemn bigoted MAGA supporters, instead empowering and encouraging them. So it’s no surprise that the use of violent, offensive rhetoric in Republican circles continues to grow. “

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