This promotional campaign for a can of potato chips is Bonkers

A non-player character (NPC) is a video game character controlled by the game Artificial intelligence Rather by a gamer. The Train Sim World game has a myriad of such characters and is now working with Pringles Dovetail Games and Xbox to launch a new NPC that will serve as a Pringles vending machine re-filler.

The idea features a promotional twist. The vending machine re-filler NPC will be based on a real person who will win the #PringlesStayInTheGame contest.

To support the launch, Gray London has made a series of short films (all very well written) showing existing NPCs in Train Sim World that a man is less than happy to be an NPC in their game and pay. For.

Those interested in applying are invited to post a video or selfie with Pringles on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to explain under 50 words why they would be the best Pringles Vending Machine Refiller NPC. To enter the contest, the post must have the hashtag #PringlesStayInTheGame and tag @Pringles_UK.

Applications for the position will close on July 6, 2022. All posts must be made public in order to be accessible. There is also a cash prize of £ 20,000 to grab.

Successful applicants will be virtually reproduced similar to them and 3D modeled, so they will appear on Train Sim World as their own from this September.

Laura Jordan Bambach, president and chief creative officer at Gray London, said: It’s a specialty to work with a client who says yes to this unsettling idea! ”

Created in collaboration with Dovetel Games and Xbox, the new campaign aims to give Pringles an inspiring, believable and authentic role at the very center of modern gaming culture – an ambition consistent with its larger goals. All social events.

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