Zngly has announced a partnership with Legerity to transform its customer engagement

Dublin, Ireland, 9th March 2022- Zngly – a no-code media platform for content marketing and creating, managing and measuring client engagement – today announced its partnership with Legerity to transform and streamline how content is used by its sales and marketing teams to drive high-level potential. To do and engage the customer.

The growth of remote work experience and hybrid sales strategies has forced marketing and sales teams to be creative about how they deliver consistent and personalized campaigns across numerous channels. McKinsey recently found that B2B subscribers now lag behind 10 separate channels as part of their “decision journey,” which has doubled since 2016. B2B marketers have responded by increasing the complexity and launching more blogs, podcasts, webinars and thought leaders, where there is no room. Them

Headquartered in London, Legerity provides FastPost, an ultra-high performance accounting rules platform that is changing the way insurance, banking and telco companies think about their back-office processes. With a lot of content targeting different markets, Zngly has enabled Legerity to easily find sales and marketing parallels and categorize them into targeted campaigns. With built-in personalization tools, salespeople can cut down on noise and communicate directly with their intended leads.

Commenting on the partnership, Mike Richardson, Marketing Manager, Legerity, said: As a start-up user and user of Zngly, we’ve been able to complete, streamline and transform the way our content is used by both the sales and marketing team. The ability to curate existing and new content has allowed us to personalize our outreach directly to personal possibilities. Our new resource segment has noticed a 200% increase in stay time and a pleasurable decrease in our bounce rate.

In the announcement, Mike Wilson, CEO and founder of Zngly, commented: “In a world where B2B customers are so overwhelmed with content, Zngly allows businesses to cut down on noise and reduce the complexity of traditional content marketing. As a fast-growing business, with a lot of content like descriptive videos, webinars, videos, etc., lagerity needs a way to bring this content to life. Intuitive curation tools built into the Zngly platform have enabled Legerity to supercharge its content marketing efforts in a simple but powerful way. “

Click here to see Legerity working with Zngly: https://platform.zngly.com/content/legerity-tv/?content=clients-partners, or to learn how Zngly can solve your business challenges, visit https : //www.zngly.com.

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About Zngly:
Zngly is a no-code media platform built for the creation, curation and measurement of B2B content marketing. Zngly addresses the pain points faced daily by sales and marketing teams, allowing them to overcome these challenges, align and win new business.

Empowering organizations with existing content resources – Zngly allows users to combine these resources into one place and share them into curated playlists. With built-in personalization tools, salespeople can cut down on noise and communicate directly with their intended leads.

For more information about Zngly, please visit: https://platform.zngly.com/

About Legerity:
Legerity helps clients provide digital finance transformation and complex accounting changes, economically and with minimal disruption.

Legerity FastPost is an award-winning accounting rules platform. Modular in design with open interface, FastPost was built for big data volume, complex accounting requirements, business insights and agility. The platform is built with cloud-native, ultra-high-speed performance and the latest open-source technology.

Legerity recently won the 2022 InsuranceERM Award for Best Use of IFRS17 Solution of the Year (for the second year) and Cloud Technology. The firm was named a “Rising Star” in the 2022 ChartRiskTech 100And Report.

For more information on Legerity, please visit: https://legerityfinancials.com/

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